Saturday, April 27, 2013

Is Summer here yet!?

 Is SUMMER here yet?! Boy we are sure ready for the warm weather and the sun to be out everyday! This spring has been a LONG one! Last week was my last week of classes, THANK GOODNESS- I am burnt out when it comes to school... Unfortunately for Colt, he is just going to be starting all over again, getting his MBA- I do not envy him in the slightest! So before that craziness begins he is taking advantage of fishing, exploring, and just relaxing! The weekend we went to conference we stopped at Cabellas so Colt could get some waiters.. I insisted that we go see all the fish, it is my favorite part! He wasn't thrilled, as you can tell...

 Jord (AKA GOOSE) started a new job this month at Twizlberry! I call her my little Twizzlebee... she is constantly working between Northwood, and Twizl so I have made a little ritual of going to see her, everyday I mean as much as I can... ;) Its the perfect excuse to get myself some frozen yogurt... MmmHHMmmmm... Isn't she CUTE!?!

My most favorite thing in the world is being an Aunt.. So any spare moment I have (which has been sparce lately) I try to go on Nephew/ Niece visits.. This time Kyler came to my house- I got to baby sit her one day while Jess went to the Temple, and we sure had a blast! Kyler is fascinated with hair, so the entire time she was fixing mine, because apparently it wasn't "Pretty" enough! Ha I sure do love kiddos... 

One evening Colt and I went and saw Mr. Beckham boy! He is sooo CUTE! I just love to snuggle him, he is literally the happiest baby ever! He would giggle so hard everytime we threw a ball at him, it was cutest thing in the world, I thought I had recorded him giggling, but it seems my phone got the best of me, and wasn't ever recording :( BUT I DID get him doing his inchworm/on the floor running man.. He was cracking us up, Beckham wants to crawl soo bad that when we lay him on his tummy, he just goes crazy! I think he thinks if he kicks his little legs hard enough he will move.. haha oh the joys of babies!! (Oh and don't mind my NERDY voice.. I sound funny... haha)

 With Summer comes EVENTS.. We have them, LOTS of them. EVERY weekend. But it really isn't that bad cause it keeps me busy, and my mind off alot of other things! It sure does make our cherished summer months FLY by!!

Here in Logan it is SLOWLY warming up... To celebrate the warm weather, the other day, I ate about 10 otter pops and just sat on my front steps waiting for Colt to get home...BEST. DAY. EVER. Its these kind of moments that make life sooo GOOD!

 Colt and I are so blessed! We have so much to be grateful for, and so much to look forward to! Happy SUMMER everyone!!! :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

TAG your it!!

TAG, I'M IT! My good friend Whitli tagged me in a fun little blog game, so here it goes!

1.Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would you want to play you?
Kate Hudson, she is my fav!

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
It was a cold,rainy, slushy wintery morning and I had my arms full of books, and a full backpack to boot as the Aggie bus stopped at my stop I proceeded to get off. Well more like FALL off. The steps were so slushy and slippery I slipped on the first one, and fell down the rest. It was humiliating. Books and papers were everywhere, and my backpack popped open and everything fell out. To make matters worse the mean bus driver got on the speaker and said " Girl down, girl down, everyone exit through the back of the bus.." Yeah everyone DID exit the back of the bus, just to see the dumb girl with a muddy bum, bruised tailbone, and shattered pride scramble to pick up her crap all over. Worst. Day. Ever. 

3. What are three things you cannot live without?
Husband, chocolate, Comfy clothes 

4. What is at the top of your bucket list?
Without a doubt to meet Doris Day.. :) 

5. Favorite vacation destination?
Quebec, Canada-- it was a mini Paris... 

6. What is your favorite holiday?
A toss up between Thanksgiving and Halloween... I LOVE FALL, and FOOD! 

7. What movie always makes you cry?
The Notebook, never fail. 

8. What is your least favorite word?
My least favorite words are more like social media slang: Lol, lmao, u, r, anything that basically makes people look like they can't spell. ANNOYING. There are real words for a reason peeps. 

9. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
From what my family, and friends say: How Happy I am (most of the time ;) )

10. What are your favorite places to shop?
Target, H&M, Hobby lobby, BOHME

11. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Un-made beds! I have to make mine everyday, if I don't it haunts me all day long! 

Thanks Whit for tagging me!! Now I tag Amanda, Pam, and Sara!! :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Donor Awareness Month

 April is Donor Awareness Month! As I look at how organ donation has effected me and my family today, I couldn't help but want to dedicate a blog post towards it! It has changed my life FOREVER. With my Dad being a 5 organ transplant recipient, has made me realize that we can do such a little thing, yet it can effect and help soo many people!

 I remember the day that I got my first license. I was faced with the choice of being a Organ and Tissue Donor or not. My Dad amazed me when he sat me down to discuss it. I thought for sure that he would tell me I HAD to be a Organ Donor, but it was quite the opposite. He told me what would happen with my organs and tissue if I chose to be a donor, and that it would save so many people's lives. He also told me that it was MY choice, I didn't HAVE to be a donor if I didn't want to, and he would be proud of whatever decision I made. Coming from a Man whose life was saved from Organ Donation, I was seriously impressed. Haha call it reverse psychology, or whatever but it really made me think.I then realized that the main reason holding me back from wanting to give my organs away was I didn't want to look different after I died when my loved ones saw me in my casket, this thought kept overwhelming me. Then it hit me, I was putting my selfish thoughts and wants above anyone else. If the last thing I can do on this earth is give the gift of life, then that is what I want to do. Therefore I AM a Organ Donor, and proud of it!

 If it wasn't for Jerryd Clutter, my Dad would not be with us today. Dad has lived to see all of his kids get baptized, 3 kids get married (in the temple), Jason go on a Mission (and return home), 3 grand-babies: born and blessed, 4 of us graduate from High School, 3 graduate from college, and Jayme make it to Young Womens/ High school (soon :) ). There is so much that he would have not been here for, if it hadn't been for the Clutter family willing to say yes to the life of another. So THANK YOU Clutter Family! You have been the biggest blessing in our lives today! I hope that anyone who reads this post can look at your lives and realize how important Organ Donation is, give the gift of life! 

 My Hero.

So grateful he could be there on the best day of my life!


12 Years later....Family 2013

For more info on Organ Donation visit: for Idaho or for Utah (Obviously..) :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Conference Spring 2013

Colt and I had the opportunity to go to the Sunday afternoon Session of Conference this past weekend. I have been before, but Colt hadn't so it was neat for him to experience it! It is truly the coolest thing to be able to witness firsthand. I love how many people there are all over temple square, who are there for the same reasons we are. 
 I look nasty in this picture, but I just love the temple and my handsome hubby so I had to post it!! :) 

 To drown out all the protestors people would line the sidewalks and sing songs from the hymn book. Their voices echoed across temple square! It was soo awesome to see! When I was snapping this picture two brother missionaries just happened to be walking through :) Perfect timing Elders! 

 Our view on our left side..It is amazing how many people this building can hold! Did you know about 21,000 people can fit in this conference center?! INSANE! 

 At the end right after the prophet walked out.. MOTAB sounds SOO beautiful in person, words cannot express..

 Colt and I

Colt taking it all in--

We are so blessed to have been able to attend General Conference. It is such an amazing experience! My most favorite part of going to Conference is right before the cameras start rolling, when the prophet enters. Everyone stands, and it gets sooo silent. I get chills everytime. It is such a sacred experience, that I will cherish forever. Such an amazing day, and the perfect way to start off another busy week! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Easter of Festivities

Colt and I didn't celebrate Easter weekend together, but it was okay because he got much needed family time in St. George, and I got much needed work/homework/Sister time in Loganland :). Colt had Friday off so he drove down to St. George Thursday after work to see all his family. The next day him, his Dad (Brad), and Brother (Marshall) went on a short fishing trip. From the sounds and looks of it they had a good time, caught many fish,around 60 or so, and even found some really cool areas. Marshall got some BEAUTIFUL pictures, of which I hijacked off his facebook... Thanks Marsh! :) haha

 My Colt doin what he loves :) 

Colt and Marshall striking a pose... Colt was so excited about this picture... In the background on the rock you can see indian pictures and markings... How neat is that?! He was pretty excited to show me...

He has been growing out a beard, so I feel it is only fitting to call him my LumberJack Colt. I sure do have a handome hubby!! 

Between the fishing trip Colt was also able to spend some time with the rest of his family which was way good! They celebrated Micky's 18th birthday, she is such a beautiful girl!  Happy (Late) Birthday Micky!!  They also celebrated Easter, the Stocks came up for that as well. We sure love those kiddos they are just adorable! There is nothing that Colt loves more than being home in his Dixieland... I just wish I could have gone with him!

My weekend was not near as eventful as Colts.. School is kicking my trash- and we had a event at the castle. The few moments of the weekend that I did have free I had the opportunity to spend some time with my sisters. Jayme came to Logan for her spring break and stayed with Jess, and since I wasn't able to get out to see her at all during the week we planned a short and sweet girls night. She is growing up WAY too fast...

 Goose and I in line for a table..

 Baby sistas.. Aren't they pretty chickadees??

Jess and I
We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and stuffed ourselves with their delicious rolls and our meals.. haha talking girl talk the entire time.. After that we went on a little shopping excursion, it made me so excited for our annual Girls Trip in August which is going to come sooo fast! Then when we started to wind down we finished the night off right with some yummy frozen yogurt at Twizzleberry! It was much needed, and such a good break from the craziness of life.. Thanks sisters for a short sweet evening of girlishness :) love you all! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bigger life callings

Do you ever sit and think about what kind of callings you might get in your ward? Well I do- or did ALL the time. I did so much that it actually gave me anxiety. The one calling I have always FEARED I would be called to- I got called to. Ha call it chance, or maybe it was really meant to be. During the week I was called as the Gospel Doctrine teacher I was so extremely stressed about school and life in general. I thought that there was no way I could possibly have ANOTHER thing to worry and stress about. To put it frankly I was terrified and frustrated all in one. After crying for 2 days straight, and feeling sorry for myself I had the prompting to pull out my patriarchal blessing. As I read it I just felt like it was meant to be whether I wanted to do it or not. In my blessing, it mentions how I will be a teacher in the church, that I would teach children, youth, and even adults. I now truly believe that this is one of my callings in life.

After many priesthood blessings, from my hero of a husband, I finally was beginning to feel at peace. Then as I began to prepare my lesson I had a undeniably strong sense of fulfillment. I have never felt it this strong in my life. I was sincerely studying and praying (of which I have been horrible at the last few months), and I learned SO much as I prepared my lesson. 

On the Day I taught, I woke up and felt prepared and ready to go. The nerves didn't set in until we pulled up to the church, and even after I had begun teaching my lesson I felt like I had been doing it for years, and my thoughts and lesson flowed seamlessly. I know that Heavenly father has a divine purpose for each of us, I understand callings come and go, but I now truly believe that this was meant for me, right now, during this period in my life. I wouldn't have it any other way. During iffy times like these I am so grateful for Colt. His testimony is so strong and rock solid. He is the most amazing example to me, and is willing to help me with anything that I don't understand, or am confused by. I have never known someone so eager to serve the Lord! 

Colt on a recent fishing trip (picture courtesy of Marshall :) )

I am most definitely not perfect, and have a long ways to go but I know that everything I do is for a reason. I am so thankful and grateful that my parents raised me in a loving home, where the gospel teachings were our core principles. I am also grateful that Colt was raised in a similar upbringing. It has contributed in making us who we are today. There are times throughout life where we loose the real perspective. It is times like getting called to be the Gospel Doctrine teacher that really humble us. I hope that I can teach sufficiently but I do know that I am learning more than anyone, I am so grateful now for this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord.