Friday, May 30, 2014


So three months ago I won a photo shoot, pretty awesome I say so myself. We were in DIRE need of some pictures other than wedding photos around our house, and were so so so happy to win the drawing! My old roomie BreAnne was the photographer, I have always loved her photos, they are so beautiful- and very in the moment. So if you are looking for a amazing talented photographer give her a call, or visit her website here: BreAnne Weston Photography Sooo here are our pictures, ENJOY! :)

My personal favorite :)

Boy oh boy I sure do love this guy! He is my rock, and my best friend. Cheers to almost three years with this incredible man I am lucky enough to call my husband. Forever and for always :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

April- May 2014 Spring Fever

WOW what a fast Spring time!!! It is so crazy to think summer is officially here! We are so ready for nice weather, and all of our little trips to look forward to. I know I say everytime that time goes so fast- but it really does, it gets away from me and before I know it I wrote a post more than two months ago! Since I have been done with school, I have started doing a few clients in Burley, so it is a great excuse to go home every couple of weeks! I haven't been able to go home this often in such a long time (because of my old job) so it is so nice to see everyone! My little sis LOVES nothing more than when we come home, so naturally she is in heaven :)

My Memer  love this little chicka!! 

For Christmas, Colt's parents gave us a tv that they had fixed-- and unfortunately our cute little entertainment center in our family-room just wasn't big enough for it, so we have been searching and searching for months for something we could transform into a entertainment center because buying one how we wanted was RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Finally one Saturday on my way to work I noticed a giant neighborhood garage sell- so I called Colt and had him run to see if there was anything worth buying to put our tv on. About 30 minutes later Colt sent me a text message with a picture of a old dresser, I was SO skeptical about it- but he was determined to make it look amazing, and so he did. :) BEST. DECISION. EVER. He spent many nights after a long days work working on this tv stand! 
This lovely little treasure before.....

Working oh so hard!

Colts please don't take a picture of me face..ha sanding maniac!

ALMOST THERE! He pulled out the drawers and their tracks and replaced them with Shelves... 

Its amazing what a little bead board will do! We LOVE how it turned out! Although we are not quite done with it just yet.... Pictures on our next phase of this entertainment center SOON hopefully! :)

One thing Colt and I have really found joy in is our Pup- Dixie. Call us crazy (because we are) but she is our furbaby, and most definately part of the family! She has developed such a spunky fun personality, and we just love watching her enjoy nature. She has become Colt's loyal hiking buddy- and pride and joy (just don't tell him I said that :) ) She turns 1 today!!! SO CRAZY! So in honor of her here are some old and new pics!



In Our Element

Such a playful spunky pup, hopefully that never changes!!!

Most recently, this last weekend in fact, we were able to make a trip down to St. George for Colt's baby sister Mckenna's high school graduation! It was such a awesome experience!!! She looked so beautiful and was just glowing with happiness! Colt and his brother Marshall got to be Mckenna's escorts (because of her siezures, and not knowing when they could happen) they looked like her body guards. It was so special to see how they took care of her, I can't even describe the feeling. Seeing Colton's love and concern for his sister is such a blessing to be able to witness in my life-- I sure am the luckiest woman in the world to have married a man with such a big heart. Watching Mckenna's graduation ceremony and Colt standing by her side I was so overcome with love, and gratitude for both of them. We were honored to be able to take Mckenna to her Grad night, which was so fun! She had a blast and could have easily partied the night away! She has become such a beautiful woman, and is such an amazing example of finding the simple joys in life. Here are some fun pics from her special day :) 

The Baby is Graduated.. OOPS! GRADUATED!!!!

Micky and her Bros!!! SO CUTE!

I absolutely LOVE this picture. So awesome!

We sure missed Lauren, Dan, and Taylor!!! 

Such a FANTASTIC day! :) 

The rest of our stay at the Cox's consisted of hiking, bonfires, the temple, playing pool for FHE, and going to the movies. Oh and all the girls let me do their nails :) It was so fun! We were sad to leave, but we will see everyone again in less than 3 weeks for our trip to California. It made leaving not as hard as it normally is knowing we will see them all very soon! Whoot whoot for vacations! Ha!

Temple date with my love

Love me some s'mores!!!

 The crew

Mountain top bonfire..

Nothing better than family, friends, and good food!

SUCH a BEAUTIFUL hike! Wow Colts family lives in an amazing place!!!

And these are the things that have been keeping us busy the last couple months!! Man we sure have a awesome life, and are so blessed to have each other. Life is truly a gift!