Tuesday, October 20, 2015

August in all its craziness!

We kicked off August with a good ol float down the Onieda Narrows in Preston... It was so fun cause Mom, Dad, and Meme were in town. We had a blast- and laughed- ALOT- My mother + a inner tube = priceless ;) hahaha it took us about 3 hours to float from top to bottom, and then Bryan's parents invited us up to Mink Creek for some lunch... Holy Cow Wendy's yard is BEAUTIFUL- it was such a fun afternoon- I think its safe to say Colton and I (and everyone else) felt the fullness of joy that day! That is what paradise feels like I am sure :)

Just makin himself comfortable... haha this man...

Our whole crew

These look alot bigger when you are on the river... hahaha oh so fun!

Photo op ;)

I would post more pictures of Colt but he ended up taking off his shirt and had to share the raft with Kayson.... hahaha so he would kill me if I posted those pictures because they were quite entertaining.. This same weekend Jessica and Bryan Blessed their sweet little Khloe Arda- It was quite the weekend......

Bumpa with his girls! I sure love these little girls! 

This man is my Hero! Not very often does he make it to Richmond- Such a blessing!

My little angel girl! 

Always making me smile :)

My heart

Isn't he so handsome!! SO glad I locked him in FOREVER! haha 

We also had a nice visit from Colton's folks in August, it was a quicky but so nice to see them!! We enjoyed a yummy dinner, and then the next morning took them to the famous LD's Cafe here in Richmond. After lunch we stopped at the Fudge store and got a treat- and then took Brad and Jayne to the local Harvest Market. It was so nice having them visit! We love showing family and friends around our little home of Richmond! As always it was too short but we are so grateful they could come up! 
Other than family visits life consists of work, Dacie, Dixie, and doctors appointments. Since moving to Richmond date night for Colt and I are pretty rare- after a long days work and a 20 minute drive home the last thing we want to do is drive all the way back in to Logan- So we cherish those rare occasions when we both have enough energy to go on a date. 

This was one of those date night occasions :) Man he is handsome!!!

Me and my pup before a little road trip... This girl brings me immeasurable joy!

Snuggle fest :)

Fresh out of the Groomer- so not happy with me ha

Life is so good- we are so blessed, and I am oh so happy fall is in full swing! WAHOO! Excuse me while I go change all my scentsys to everything PUMPKIN! YAY! 

Monday, October 19, 2015


Our favorite part of July is just when the sun begins to go down and its cool enough to take our girls on a nice stroll up the mountain. We LOVE where we live.... the mountains are literally seconds away with so much to do! It was a beautiful summer here in Cache valley- with July by far the hottest month of them all. We don't have A/C so it can be kind of rough some nights- but we live and luckily its really only 3 months out of the entire year. July came and went in a flash. We had fireworks- as usual. And Colton's Brother Marshall and his wife Taylor came to visit us in Logan- it was such a blast!! We had a farewell on Colton's side in Springville so we got to see all his family. My Mom sisters and I had our annual girls trip, and to top it off my sisters and I visited Hogle Zoo with the kiddos :) It was busy but filled with family and we wouldn't have it any other way! :) I was absolutely horrible at taking pictures of all the festivities so here is what I got.... haha 

I could just love on this little guy EVERY DAY. He is adorable and I was in Auntie heaven!!! Desmond's first trip to Bear Lake was a success I'd say :) 

Colton with Lauren's little Owen... He is such adorable Uncle- I can't wait for the day he can be a daddy!!! 

MY turn with Owen... :) 

I am so mad at my self for not getting a picture of us with Elder Murdock at his farewell!!!! He is just awesome and is already such a amazing missionary!!!! So proud :) I guess I will make it my mission to get a return picture with him and Colt!!! 

DINOSAUR Exhibit at Hogle Zoo- Kays was in HEAVEN.....

Seals and Sea lions are so fun to watch!!!

Kayson was freaking out about the T-REX!! I love these kiddos!!!! 

Love me some Khloe Bear!!! 

Well peeps thats all I got for July!!! YAY for SUMMER- and YAY for summer being ALMOST OVER!!!!