Sunday, June 28, 2015

April-June 2015

April kicked off with the start of the Pollard "BABY BOOM" Ha My bro and his sweet wife welcomed their second child/ little girl to their cute family!! Lily Jean Pollard- and let me tell you I INSTANTLY was in LOVE!!! Ah she is sooo precious!!

MM I love her. 

Seriously the prettiest Newborn!!!

I literally could snuggle this babe ALL. DAY. LONG.

The same weekend as Miss Lily's arrival was PROM, and my little sis who is now old enough to date was going. Not to mention with a senior, so she was in the promanade--- she is growing up sooo fast, not fair :( so we spent the weekend doing her friends nails, and getting her all dolled up for the festivities! She looked BEAUTIFUL and wore one of my Prom Dresses- of which I cannot believe I used to be a size 1......UM what happend to me?! HAHAHA can I please go back to being that skinny?? Haha you would never know it was 9 almost 10 years old!! WHAT?! I am getting OLD...... 

Her hair turned out GORGEOUS!

She and my big bro Jason are our brunettes in the family- I love her hair..

They looked so good!!!

Ready to go! Whoot whoot!!!

The weekend of my Uncles funeral the fam got together and had a little BBQ.. I sure love this family of  mine-- they are pretty awesome just sayin! I love that we all live somewhat close to each other!!

It was a mad house..

And here I thought we were taking a sweet pic, obviously Colt thinks otherwise haha 

Ky Ky loves her Bumpa 

Dad and Colt 

Just two pollard Men straight chillin haha

I sure love my Beckham boy!!!

Goosey was the chosen one getting to feed Lily, I may have been a tad bit jealous! ;)

Come out to play little baby Westerberg......

Mom really wanted to be in the pic- and I apparently thought she was a SUPASTAR!


I mean that bump tho.... 

To get a NORMAL smile out of this man is near impossible... but I love him anyways :)

I have said this once and I will most definately say it again... This pup was the BEST thing Colton has ever given me!!! Holy smokes we are attached at the hip, and I love her more than words....
Chillin before Mom has to go to work one day...

My furbaby :) All grown up :( 

The weekend my Bro blessed his baby girl we were able to go to Burley for the weekend, it was such a nice relaxing weekend home! We decided to go for a drive, and showed Colton the city of Rocks- it was fun to show him a new place not to far from Burley- and made for such a fun outing with my mom and sister. I love it when we can just sit back and enjoy, a nice break from work... 

I love this handsome man!!!

Such a FUN Memory!!! 

Next up was Lily's blessing- she is such a doll and looked so precious in her blessing dress!!! :)

After our weekend in Burley we had Colt's parents and little sis come visit us!! It was sooo fun and we were in heaven having them here- definately the highlight of our month in May. So nice to visit and just hang out with them- we need to do it more often for sure!!! :) One of the Days Colton and his Dad went fishing, while us girls had a day at the salon getting nails and toes painted, followed by cupcakes and lite shopping. When the boys got back we went to dinner, and then took Dixie out on a little evening stroll to somewhat walk off all the delicious calories we consumed that day ;) it was perfect! We were sad to see them go, hopefully they will come back to Logan again soon! 

Gone Fishin'

Colts Dad fishin the Logan River

Micky's nails

After their pedis, I sure love this Chicka she is pretty awesome!

Not only did we sit and eat cupcakes at the cupcake place we had to of course bring some home for later ;) Micky's favorite!!

Colt and his pretty Momma :)

Okay so funny story.... Dixie is a Brittany Spaniel- the reason Colt wanted her is because she is a bird/hunting dog and boy did she prove it to us. So we decided we wanted to go on a nice stroll with Colts family and take Dix along for entertainment while we walked (she is sooo funny to watch run loose on the mountain haha hopping in the creek chasing birds you name it) right off at the beginning Dixie beelined it to the top of the hill across the creek, she had caught the scent of something and was headed for it. After minutes of calling her name- and hearing her bark we could not get her to come down to us. I was worried (naturally) that she had found a porcipine, or worse a skunk- so Colt jumped the creek and headed up the hill to see what was going on, and this is what he found....

Dixie had cornered a juvenile woodchuck. she was swatting and playing with the poor thing- but it wouldn't run away.. she was so proud of her find she wouldn't leave it until Colton had gone up so she could show him her prize. Eventually she ended up killing the poor thing, and carrying it proudly on our trail with us until she could find a place to bury it. Haha oh this dog... you should have heard us girls scream when we realized she was walking right next to us with a dead animal in her mouth. haha oh boy it was sure exciting.... oh Dix...

Observing the little hunter...

She was so proud... I love this picture!!! Dixie in her element :)

Slightly raining and oh so beautiful :) It was the perfect end to a already perfect weekend! 

The most exciting part of June for me was witnessing the birth of my big sister's baby girl!!! Man that was one of the COOLEST experiences of my life!! I had just gotten back from girls camp the day before Miss Khloe made her appearance, and at 1:00 AM on the 14th of June my sister called and said her water had broke so Colt and I went and sat with kiddos until Bryan's mom arrived to stay with the kids the remainder of the night. As soon as she got to the house I headed into town with my
brother in law texting me: HURRY! or JESS IS HURTING PRETTY BAD! So I was feeling somewhat frantic- and what do ya know blue and red lights in my rearview mirror haha I totally got pulled over! Luckily it was only for a broken taillight- so I was finally on my way yet again in the mad dash to the hospital. As soon as I got there I could tell it was organized chaos. Jess progressed from a 3 to a complete in a half hour- and they didn't have time to give her a epidural. Her doctor was on vacation- surprise surprise hahaha- so we had to wait for the on call doc to get there. within minutes he appeared and boom we had a baby!! I got to cut her cord- which was pretty awesome :) I am so grateful to Jess and Bry for letting me in the room, it was such a cool experience! I sure love this baby girl- and will forever have a special bond with her for getting to share the experience with them!! 
8 pounds and 18 inches of pure perfection

love her!

Coco meets Khloe Bear

My girl!

Lily came to visit- so I HAD to get a pic with both my girls... they are soooo precious!!! PS outfits were totally not planned they just both happened to be dressed in purple! :)

Next up on and last of all on this crazy long post is FIREWORKS! Ahhh a love-hate time of year for me haha. Its dirty, smoldering hot- and physically hard work- but worth it to spend quality time with the family. I love making memories with all of them in the booth!! I think we have literally seen every firework like 5 billion times haha so here is to our 2015 season!!!

Kissin our frog princes ;)

Nothing would be possible without this lady right here- I love my Momma more than anything!!!

So that is that. The heights and happenings at the Cox household the last 3 months! Hooray for LIFE and LIVIN it!!! ;)

Uncle Tim

On May 26th this earth lost a amazing man to brain cancer, my Uncle Tim. My heart still aches for my sweet Aunt and cousins- who we love so much. I cannot imagine the amount of grief they felt at that time, and from here on out without him. We are so blessed with the knowledge of eternal families, and comforts the temple brings. As we sat at the funeral I looked around and saw all of our Cousins, Aunts and Uncles as well as my parents and siblings and was struck with the thought that THIS is what family is for. We are here for each other through thick and thin, hard and good times, no matter what. Hopefully my cousins felt the love and support as our Morley family rallied around them at this most hardest time. I love you Morley Cousins!!! 

The most amazing people right here :) 

I hitched a ride with my parents to the funeral in Salt Lake, it was the first time in at least 2 years my Dad was able to make that long of a trip, it was so nice to hang out with him outside of the usual setting of my parents house, we are so fortunate to still have him around. 

 The sisters

1st time in YEARS all of us Morley cousins were together!!!! Ah I just love this family so much!!!

Oldest Grandchild Sibito and Youngest Grandchild Jayme :) 

In our attempt to line up from oldest to youngest cousins... here is the youngest side....

And the oldest side....

Goof balls ;)

Mom and Aunt Terri and their babies- obviously now all grown up :) 

After spending time with the family for the funeral I was so overcome by gratitude that we have such a amazing family, and I am so so happy we can be together as a family forever!!!