Wednesday, March 7, 2012


WOW can these months go any faster?! Time is just flying like CRAZY! February was such a fun month! Lots going on, I am pretty proud of myself for actually being good about taking lots of pictures! YAY! Well for starters Valentines was just amazing! I officially have the most amazing husband in the whole world, we both had to work all day but coming in our door and seeing this just made my day! He had the table all set (note the lit candles) dinner ready, and even flowers! It was so sweet and such a good memory for our "First" Valentines we celebrated together. To top off a already amazing Valentines he surprised me with tickets to go see the VOW. It was such a good movie, bless Colt's heart having to sit through a total chick flick! Boy I landed myself such a awesome husband, words just cannot express how much I appreciate everything he does for me! Love you Colt!! 
The table

My BEAUTIFUL flowers! 

I was trying to get the candles in this one.. They were so cute!

Later on in the month we threw a baby shower for Jess! It was such a blast, and boy did she have such amazing support! Thanks everyone who came, it meant the world! She made out like a bandit, at one point you couldn't even walk through the family room with all the people in chairs, couches, on the floor, and even standing it was a mad house!! Monica and Kensy thanks sooooo much for all your help, you were amazing! They sneaked out before I could get a picture with them and Jess! But anyways these pictures just do not do justice, our balloon wall was sooo much better but we had windows open to let in cool air and some of the balloons deflated.. 

One of the packed moments during the shower...

Two little peas in a pod, Love these girls!

I love this picture! This is Jess with Grandma Arda, and Wendy 

Opening presents! They were never ending for 2 hours! 

Prettiest Pregnant lady EVER, Just sayin!

Also this month we had a birthday! Colt turned 27!! WOW he is getting old, j/k! We celebrated his birthday in Logan, I wish I had gotten a picture but the night before we went out with some of Colt's good friends to dinner, he was so happy to see all of them! It is always a good time! Disreguard the cake, definately not my best creation but hey I tried! haha Next year it will be better I promise!! 

Most handsome birthday boy EVER! 

Kayson saw the cake and immediately climbed right up by Colt, he ate 2 whole pieces! Who knew little kids could eat sooo much??? Where does it go??? 

Blowing out the candles! I can't believe it has already been a year since we celebrated his birthday! Time seriously flies! Well thats all I got for the month of February! Have a GREAT rest of the week!