Friday, December 28, 2012

The Holidays!!

 I cannot believe December flew by as fast as it did! It is just crazy how fast time flies!! This was Colt and I's second Holiday season married, and it was fantastic! It is interesting to see the different family dynamics, and holiday traditions. We spend thanksgiving down in St. George with his family, and it was so fun! I am so blessed to have such amazing in-laws!! Everyone was home, so we took advantage of all of us being there and did some family pictures. They turned out so good, :) I married into such a beautiful family that's for sure! It was so fun to hang out with everyone, and eat until we could eat no more. We also played our annual Cox BINGO game, which was hilarious who knew bingo could become such a competitive game! Haha it is such a fun tradition that hopefully we can carry on to our future family. Since Thanksgiving technically kicks off the Christmas season, we also made gingerbread houses, it was so fun! I have never made a gingerbread house, lame I know, but now I am going to try and do it every year- yet another great tradition for the holidays. Nothing gets you in the Thanksgiving/Christmas spirit than being with family. Thanks so much Brad and Jayne for having us down for Thanksgiving, it was so nice to see everyone!

The Good Looking Cox Bunch! (Sadie and Kellen are ADORABLE by the way!!)

Girls :) So pretty!! 

All the guys getting ready to head out for some rabbit hunting!!

Our Thanksgiving table, it was GORGEOUS!! :) 

Sadie decorating her house

The Finished Product! So CUTE!

We kicked off December with my other nephew, Kayson, preschool Christmas Program. It was the FUNNIEST thing in the world to watch. I can't even remember what songs they sang, all I know is it was hilarious to watch. 
Kayson is the 4th from the left

All the kids had to make their own "Gingerbread" Houses ( Just on paper ;) ) and they were displayed at the program. here is Kayson with his little house he worked on so hard!

Another highlight to our December was our trip down to Salt Lake. We had the pleasure of going to a Salt Lake Grizzlies Hockey game to watch a dear friend of Brad's (Colt's Dad) play. Brad is in the Picture below with one of the converts from his mission son ( Brad Mills). He is the captain of the Grizzlies, and a recent convert to the church. Such a cool story to hear, and so awesome to see how the gospel has a chain effect on people's lives. Thanks for letting us share this amazing evening with you Brad, and for letting us meet Brad Mills!! 
Brad and Brad Mills (I know it looks like Brad's eyes are closed but they really are open.. I should have gotten a better picture!!) 

I am a horrible picture taker, and totally forgot to take a picture of our first Christmas tree last year so I vowed I would get one this year, so we will just pretend that this is our first Christmas tree :) . I am soo lame,  and had too much going on this December to really spend time on my tree, so next year it will be better. Little by little, I figure I will collect a little more each year until it feels complete. Last year we had a nice full tree, but this year we went the Charlie Brown route, I kinda like it- for not having any decorations, it is still pretty cute :) 
Our 1st ;) tree
This was our Burley year for Christmas, everyone came home. It will prob. be the last time our entire family comes home for Christmas so we took advantage of our time together. Between all the baked goods, candy, pop, food, and laziness I came back to Logan feeling like a slug. It was all worth it though. We celebrated 2 birthdays while we were home, Jordan turned 19 on the 17th and Memer turned 14 on the 22nd. Happy Birthday little sisters, you are both growing up too fast!! Love you both!! We also got our family pictures done on Christmas Eve, and then went to a live nativity in a good friend's barn. After that Dad read us the Christmas story out of the scriptures. On Christmas morning the kids were the LAST ones to wake up, but no worries Kayson made up for lost time and tore into his pile of gifts like a tornado! The magic of Christmas is so overwhelming, and so fun for little kids. It was great to be home with the family, and just relax! I was sad for it to be the last year all of us could be home together for Christmas, everyone is growing up too fast!! Why does Christmas have to come and go so FAST?? It is depressing. I had totally forgotten to take pictures Christmas morning, and Jason and Em had already left before I could get any of them :( so here is all  I have.. I really need to do better at picture taking, ugh! 

Bry doing what he does best : Teasing Mom ( or normally Meme)

MMmm My Jubilies :) Ate WAY too many of these babies! 

Christmas Night, still in p.j.'s looking like bums!! Love my Memer Jeaner!!

 The "Cleaned Up" aftermath of presents.. 

Goose doing her favorite thing: PUZZLES

Dad Playing with little Miss Kyler Bug

Kayson was too busy playing SPY to take any pictures for me...

The Best Christmas Present of all, my father in law made this Clock, out of old barn wood from the family farm in Gridley California and gave it to us for Christmas. This baby will be one of our most prized family heirlooms. It has so much meaning, and significance to our family. Thanks Brad and Jayne it is beautiful, you are truly talented!! :)

We are back in Logan from our Holiday travels, and there is no better way to end a already amazing last couple months than to love on this little guy ALL DAY! We LOVE being able to watch him. He is one of the happiest babies I have ever known!! All you Have to do is talk to him and he breaks out the CUTEST smiles!! We love our baby Beckham!! :) Having nieces and nephews is possibly the best/funnest thing in the world! 

Beckham cracking up... :)

He sure loves his Colt (ignore Colt's hair... he had just woke up..BAHAHA)

Look at how precious he is!! Love this boy!! 

So in all our Holiday season was AWESOME! :) We are so blessed and grateful for all our family and friends!! Now all we have to do is wait for another year to fly by and it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas before we know it!! Happy Holidays everyone!!! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

FALL 2012

Can you believe that it is fall already?! Spring and Summer came and went so fast it is insane!! There has been alot of changes in the Cox house since I last posted. I should get the world's worst blogger award, life has just been so crazy I haven't had a moment to sit down and just do it. So here it goes, first off Colt and I moved back to Loganland in May. We are soo happy to be back, there is no place like Logan!! Colt got a new job working for Amco Medical selling medical equipment, and I got a job as a Event Coordinator here at Castle Manor. We were so blessed to get such good jobs! This fall I started back up at Utah State, even though it is sometimes stressful, I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue my schooling! Colt is also wanting to continue more schooling as well, but we have yet to decide what exactly he is going to do. The only downside to being a adult is all the decisions that get thrown at you, but luckily we have each other to get through it all! We also celebrated our 1st anniversary on October 7th! It feels like yesterday was our wedding day, time is seriously getting away from me!
Now since it is November it is the month to be thankful, and express what you are thankful for everyday so to start off, I am thankful for my husband! He is my world, best friend, and rock. He always puts everyone else first, is sincere, humble, and the most patient man in the world! You would have to be being married to me.. haha and somehow I was lucky enough to have him choose me to spend forever with! Thanks Colt for being amazing! I am really going to try and be better about posting on my blog! It is my favorite season and I am sure we will have alot of stories to tell!! Have a good week everyone!!

Colt out in a snow storm raking leaves! We love fall!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


WOW can these months go any faster?! Time is just flying like CRAZY! February was such a fun month! Lots going on, I am pretty proud of myself for actually being good about taking lots of pictures! YAY! Well for starters Valentines was just amazing! I officially have the most amazing husband in the whole world, we both had to work all day but coming in our door and seeing this just made my day! He had the table all set (note the lit candles) dinner ready, and even flowers! It was so sweet and such a good memory for our "First" Valentines we celebrated together. To top off a already amazing Valentines he surprised me with tickets to go see the VOW. It was such a good movie, bless Colt's heart having to sit through a total chick flick! Boy I landed myself such a awesome husband, words just cannot express how much I appreciate everything he does for me! Love you Colt!! 
The table

My BEAUTIFUL flowers! 

I was trying to get the candles in this one.. They were so cute!

Later on in the month we threw a baby shower for Jess! It was such a blast, and boy did she have such amazing support! Thanks everyone who came, it meant the world! She made out like a bandit, at one point you couldn't even walk through the family room with all the people in chairs, couches, on the floor, and even standing it was a mad house!! Monica and Kensy thanks sooooo much for all your help, you were amazing! They sneaked out before I could get a picture with them and Jess! But anyways these pictures just do not do justice, our balloon wall was sooo much better but we had windows open to let in cool air and some of the balloons deflated.. 

One of the packed moments during the shower...

Two little peas in a pod, Love these girls!

I love this picture! This is Jess with Grandma Arda, and Wendy 

Opening presents! They were never ending for 2 hours! 

Prettiest Pregnant lady EVER, Just sayin!

Also this month we had a birthday! Colt turned 27!! WOW he is getting old, j/k! We celebrated his birthday in Logan, I wish I had gotten a picture but the night before we went out with some of Colt's good friends to dinner, he was so happy to see all of them! It is always a good time! Disreguard the cake, definately not my best creation but hey I tried! haha Next year it will be better I promise!! 

Most handsome birthday boy EVER! 

Kayson saw the cake and immediately climbed right up by Colt, he ate 2 whole pieces! Who knew little kids could eat sooo much??? Where does it go??? 

Blowing out the candles! I can't believe it has already been a year since we celebrated his birthday! Time seriously flies! Well thats all I got for the month of February! Have a GREAT rest of the week! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So this last weekend we got the opportunity to hang out with some of Colt's good friends from St. George. We went to dinner, the Jazz game, and last of all Leatherbys creamery to top the night off with some ice cream! It was such a good time, and so much fun! It was good to see Colt's friends, they are just awesome!! I especially love seeing how happy it makes Colt to see his friend Zac, they are so funny together and had us all in tears at one point laughing at one of their "EPIC" Stories... Oh boys.. Haha It was so nice to hang out with people our age, seeing as how all the people around us, or in our ward are Older... Haha

 The Crew
 We LOVE the JAZZ!!!

It was so fun to hang out with all of them!!
 Gotta love Bromance...

Zac and Colt
My hubby and I

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 Months in a Nutshell

WOW I am officially the WORST Blogger EVER! Ha I am also the WORST picture taker :( I have not been good at remembering my camera, of which I am promising myself that I will take it EVERYWHERE with me! I don't want to miss out on ANY pictures this next year!! I have to apologize right now because I just feel horrible, I forgot my camera on Christmas! Who forgets their camera on the biggest holiday of the year? ME. Haha anyways here is the last couple of months in a nutshell. Enjoy!  
 With being the newbies in a ward we sure got scouted out FAST to talk in Sacrament meeting. Luckily they chose the sunday after Thanksgiving so alot of people were gone with family :) At the time I wasn't too thrilled but when we got up to speak it wasn't too bad.. It actually turned out quite well. The pic. above is Colt and I getting ready to go to sacrament to give our talks! We were soo nervous!!
 So we were freakin lucky this thanksgiving. We got together with Colt's family in Springville on the actual day, but what happens when your husband comes home with a 21 pound turkey from work??? ANOTHER THANKSGIVING!! Neither of us had EVER cooked anything this big before, it was quite the experience!! Colt was sooo EXCITED! Naturally we couldn't eat JUST the turkey, so we made ourselves another thanksgiving dinner. It was hilarious, we had SOO much left over turkey!

 Colt takin the beast out of the oven. He was stoked to dig in!


 Thumbs up!! :)

 The finished product :) For the record, I did offer to make Colt some veggies to go with the glorious meal, but he refused. I think he was just ready to eat the turkey we smelled cookin for a billion hours!

 YAY! Our first HUGE holiday meal that we made all by ourselves!

 Our first Christmas tree! Sadly I failed once again and didn't even get any pictures of it all decorated cute :( this is all I got!

 After Thanksgiving we got to meet up with the Pollard clan, and Christensens at temple square. The Christensens treated us all do dinner on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It was awesome! After dinner we walked around temple square to see the lights. Kayson was so funny and soo excited to see so many bright lights. We pushed dad in a wheel chair all bundled up in blankets, he lasted in the cold longer than I thought! Toughest man I know, love you dad! After temple square we went up to the Christensen's and played games, ate, and visited all night. It was a great end to a already amazing day :) Thanks again Ralph and Teresa!!

 The girls trying to get a "Girl" picture but Kayson just couldn't let that happen! :)

 On top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

 The crew on Temple Square.

 For Christmas we got to escape the bitter cold and go down to good ol' St. George to Colt's family. It was seriously the best christmas EVER! It was so nice to just relax, eat, read a book, and I even had a personal tour guide to show me around the city! :) Every time we go there I just don't want to leave, I really love it! I hope we end up down there some day, it is just such a fun town with so much to do! These were the only two pictures we got while we were there, I am so bummed I did't get more! Apparently you can't go to Dixie as a tourist and NOT climb Dixie rock, So we did :) It is so beautiful there, and the weather was AWESOME! We didn't even need coats!

 My true blue Dixie boy :)

 For New Years we decided to make a trip to Loganland :) it was way good to see my favorite people, especially my Kayser! Heck this kid even got to light off the fireworks- in the HOUSE. haha What kid gets to do that?? He was sooo EXCITED!

 What a fun mom :) it was way too cold outside to light these so she just opted for the kitchen. HA

I just love these guys, who wouldn't love faces like this?!