Friday, November 2, 2012

FALL 2012

Can you believe that it is fall already?! Spring and Summer came and went so fast it is insane!! There has been alot of changes in the Cox house since I last posted. I should get the world's worst blogger award, life has just been so crazy I haven't had a moment to sit down and just do it. So here it goes, first off Colt and I moved back to Loganland in May. We are soo happy to be back, there is no place like Logan!! Colt got a new job working for Amco Medical selling medical equipment, and I got a job as a Event Coordinator here at Castle Manor. We were so blessed to get such good jobs! This fall I started back up at Utah State, even though it is sometimes stressful, I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue my schooling! Colt is also wanting to continue more schooling as well, but we have yet to decide what exactly he is going to do. The only downside to being a adult is all the decisions that get thrown at you, but luckily we have each other to get through it all! We also celebrated our 1st anniversary on October 7th! It feels like yesterday was our wedding day, time is seriously getting away from me!
Now since it is November it is the month to be thankful, and express what you are thankful for everyday so to start off, I am thankful for my husband! He is my world, best friend, and rock. He always puts everyone else first, is sincere, humble, and the most patient man in the world! You would have to be being married to me.. haha and somehow I was lucky enough to have him choose me to spend forever with! Thanks Colt for being amazing! I am really going to try and be better about posting on my blog! It is my favorite season and I am sure we will have alot of stories to tell!! Have a good week everyone!!

Colt out in a snow storm raking leaves! We love fall!!