Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goodbye Summer, HELLOOOO FALL!!

I am so excited for fall I can hardly stand it!! Holy cow it has come fast!! So many new exciting things have been happening as of late! Most recently my Dad had to speak at a conference in Salt Lake City for organ donation, so he got all of us kiddos our own hotel rooms, and we had a family get-away weekend in the city. It was so much fun to be surrounded by family! We got there on a Friday night, and then the next day my Dad had a surprise for us, we drove up to the Salt Lake City Cemetary and found some of our ancestors graves... My Great Grandpa Pollard, and my GREAT GREAT Grandpa Pollard's graves. It was a really neat experience. My Dad shared a really cool story about our Great Great Grandpa and how he came to the Salt Lake Valley. It really opened my eyes as to how much the pioneers sacrificed just to get to Zion- to the temple. I am so grateful my ancestors followed the spirit to Zion.

 My great great grandpa Pollard.... 

You can't see it, but my great grandma's name is Ella... I LOVE that name... someday hopefully we can name a baby girl Ella! 

Next up on our quick SLC trip we went to Hogle Zoo... I wish I could have gotten more pictures, but it was POURING rain, so I didn't want to mess with getting my camera out... Here are a few of the things I managed to get pictures of.. oh and Colt and Bry left us before the zoo and headed to Logan for the first USU home football game, thus the reason neither of them are in any pictures...

 Watching the seals..

This guy gave me the CREEPS!!! 

Dad Had a motorized wheelchair- it was so nice! Kyler hitched a ride once and a while...

Poor little Kayson's head is barely poking out... 

Love my Momma and sissy..

I thought this was the cutest elephant in the world.. Kayson wasn't as thrilled as me...

Life has been getting pretty busy.. Since my event coordinating job slows SIGNIFICANTLY down in the winter, and I am done with school- I decided to get another part time job. My very good friend Emily Heugly (Taylor) text me one day saying that her salon was looking for a part time receptionist-- I figured what the heck I might as well apply, one thing led to another and I was in the Salon training less than a week later. I am LOVING it!! My most favorite part of the day is when we both get home from work, every night has turned into a ritual for Colt and I, we get home- and take Dixie girl on a walk. It is crazy how human like animals can be! Lately when we put her leash on her she thinks it is time to play tug-a-war even though we are on a walk. It is quite the sight...

 She is SUCH a handful! But we love her none the less :)

Oh the life of a dog

One of our nightly walks, the lighting and setting was GORGEOUS, I couldn't resist snapping a picture... We live in the prettiest place! 

We also had a birthday this month which was pretty exciting!! Our Beckham boy turned the big 1!!! He is oh so adorable, and getting to big! Such a sweet boy!! 

 Birthday boy with Nana!! P.s. can I just say I am the WORST at pictures... I ALWAYS am taking them, and NEVER am in them....

HE has the CUTEST laugh in the world can I just say?? He was cracking us up!! Love him to death! 

We are LOVING being home owners... There is nothing better than having our own space to call home. I have been a painting maniac this weekend and started to tackle our YUCKY upstairs bathroom... Haha I should have gotten before pictures, but I forgot! I sanded down the bathroom cabinet, doors, and drawers and painted them. Next weekend we will paint the walls and ceiling, and hopefully get some new flooring (still trying to convince Colt) It is so fulfilling refurbishing old things... I will post some pics when we have it all done! Still so much more to do! 

Colt entertained himself, neighbors, and Dixie girl with a little bonfire while I painted my life away...

 Dixie was scared to get too close to the fire, it was pretty funny... Just a little side note: The best part of our yard is the fact that there is two HUGE pastures (with horses :) ) between us and the other block, so it makes our yard feel bigger than it really is.

Colt and our neighbor Royal enjoying the fire..

I am SO SO thrilled that FALL IS HERE!! The leaves have officially started to change, and the temperatures are dropping! I am all about layers, hot cocoa, pumpkin, and comfort food aka soup!! With the cold beginning to set in I have been in the crafty mood- 

 I found this piece of wood in a old wood pile in St. George.. Didn't it turn out PERFECT?!  I needed something with just a little splash of color.

My Mom has a collection of old windows, so I snatched this one from her a while ago and decided to paint it yellow... Once its done I will post pics!! 

The fall season is right around the corner, we have Kayson's diabetes walk next weekend, and then the next weekend Colt's familia is coming to see us!! We are so so excited to see them! After that we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary, and oh my goodness time is FLYING! I cannot believe we have been married for almost 2 years-- where has the time gone?! We have so much to get done in the next couple weeks, but couldn't be more excited, life is good!!