Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So this last weekend we got the opportunity to hang out with some of Colt's good friends from St. George. We went to dinner, the Jazz game, and last of all Leatherbys creamery to top the night off with some ice cream! It was such a good time, and so much fun! It was good to see Colt's friends, they are just awesome!! I especially love seeing how happy it makes Colt to see his friend Zac, they are so funny together and had us all in tears at one point laughing at one of their "EPIC" Stories... Oh boys.. Haha It was so nice to hang out with people our age, seeing as how all the people around us, or in our ward are Older... Haha

 The Crew
 We LOVE the JAZZ!!!

It was so fun to hang out with all of them!!
 Gotta love Bromance...

Zac and Colt
My hubby and I

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 Months in a Nutshell

WOW I am officially the WORST Blogger EVER! Ha I am also the WORST picture taker :( I have not been good at remembering my camera, of which I am promising myself that I will take it EVERYWHERE with me! I don't want to miss out on ANY pictures this next year!! I have to apologize right now because I just feel horrible, I forgot my camera on Christmas! Who forgets their camera on the biggest holiday of the year? ME. Haha anyways here is the last couple of months in a nutshell. Enjoy!  
 With being the newbies in a ward we sure got scouted out FAST to talk in Sacrament meeting. Luckily they chose the sunday after Thanksgiving so alot of people were gone with family :) At the time I wasn't too thrilled but when we got up to speak it wasn't too bad.. It actually turned out quite well. The pic. above is Colt and I getting ready to go to sacrament to give our talks! We were soo nervous!!
 So we were freakin lucky this thanksgiving. We got together with Colt's family in Springville on the actual day, but what happens when your husband comes home with a 21 pound turkey from work??? ANOTHER THANKSGIVING!! Neither of us had EVER cooked anything this big before, it was quite the experience!! Colt was sooo EXCITED! Naturally we couldn't eat JUST the turkey, so we made ourselves another thanksgiving dinner. It was hilarious, we had SOO much left over turkey!

 Colt takin the beast out of the oven. He was stoked to dig in!


 Thumbs up!! :)

 The finished product :) For the record, I did offer to make Colt some veggies to go with the glorious meal, but he refused. I think he was just ready to eat the turkey we smelled cookin for a billion hours!

 YAY! Our first HUGE holiday meal that we made all by ourselves!

 Our first Christmas tree! Sadly I failed once again and didn't even get any pictures of it all decorated cute :( this is all I got!

 After Thanksgiving we got to meet up with the Pollard clan, and Christensens at temple square. The Christensens treated us all do dinner on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It was awesome! After dinner we walked around temple square to see the lights. Kayson was so funny and soo excited to see so many bright lights. We pushed dad in a wheel chair all bundled up in blankets, he lasted in the cold longer than I thought! Toughest man I know, love you dad! After temple square we went up to the Christensen's and played games, ate, and visited all night. It was a great end to a already amazing day :) Thanks again Ralph and Teresa!!

 The girls trying to get a "Girl" picture but Kayson just couldn't let that happen! :)

 On top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

 The crew on Temple Square.

 For Christmas we got to escape the bitter cold and go down to good ol' St. George to Colt's family. It was seriously the best christmas EVER! It was so nice to just relax, eat, read a book, and I even had a personal tour guide to show me around the city! :) Every time we go there I just don't want to leave, I really love it! I hope we end up down there some day, it is just such a fun town with so much to do! These were the only two pictures we got while we were there, I am so bummed I did't get more! Apparently you can't go to Dixie as a tourist and NOT climb Dixie rock, So we did :) It is so beautiful there, and the weather was AWESOME! We didn't even need coats!

 My true blue Dixie boy :)

 For New Years we decided to make a trip to Loganland :) it was way good to see my favorite people, especially my Kayser! Heck this kid even got to light off the fireworks- in the HOUSE. haha What kid gets to do that?? He was sooo EXCITED!

 What a fun mom :) it was way too cold outside to light these so she just opted for the kitchen. HA

I just love these guys, who wouldn't love faces like this?!