Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life as of late

WOW this summer has flown by! I cannot believe we are almost to SEPTEMBER, which I am totally okay with- I LOVE FALL! Bring it on! :) Colt on the other hand isn't so keen on the cold, and cloudy days- Poor guy! But anyways Fireworks was a success this year as always, but I feel like I haven't been able to get on top of ANYTHING since I got back from selling. Time has gotten the best of me.. so here is a quick recap of our last few weeks, sorry there is alot of pictures of the niece and nephews, but since we have moved to Richmond they have been my little buds, I am in HEAVEN! We started out July with a birthday, Kayson turned 5 which is CRAZY! So we celebrated with his three favorite things: Fries, Chicken Nuggets, and a movie :) 
 SUCH a BIG boy!! 

In our last blog post, I had mentioned how we got a puppy! OH MAN puppies are just like having a child.. haha Not going to lie, she seriously stressed me out the first week, but now that she is used to us and we are used to her it is smooth sailing :) Dixie is the happiest most loving pup in the world. Colt and I love to just sit and watch her when we get home from work- she LOVES Colt, and follows him everywhere. She is most definitely HIS dog, which I am totally okay with :)

Colt with his pup the day we went and got her

After months of searching, and weeks of waiting we FINALLY closed on our first home!! We are so thrilled to have a place of our own! The week we closed Colt and I were so excited that we couldn't wait to move- so we packed all of our stuff up and moved it out to the house- with the help of my big sis and Colt's dear friend Easton we got everything moved in- it was great! That weekend my Mom happened to come to Logan so everyone pitched in and we got some much needed painting done. It was awesome, thanks to everyone who helped us that week it was much appreciated!! 

 Paperwork signed and keys to our new casa! 

Kyler was our entertainment while we unpacked- what would we do without this cute face! 

 Pretending to be a puppy...

Since my Mom was in town- and all of us siblings (minus Jayme) live in the same town we decided to do a family dinner on Sunday. It was so relaxing and fun to hang out with everyone. My most favorite part: watching my adorable nephews wrestle- Beckham is a RIOT! :)  

Teo with the babies-- they are both getting so big, and my bro is the cutest daddy in the world! So fun to watch!  

Fun on the tramp, even Colt got on and did some flips- he couldn't resist :)  

 Its crazy how fast Dixie girl is growing!! But still oh so adorable! 

One of our evening walks. I love my husband!!  

 A man and his dog- pure joy :) 

 This girl and I have seen ALOT of each other lately- she is so funny!

Kyler Love. 

Well thats about it for us for the last couple months, but we won't be slowing down anytime soon.. This weekend is our Annual girls trip with the Mom and Sisters-- and when we get back hopefully Colt and I can make a trip down to St. George to see the Cox fam! We sure do miss them, and wish we could visit more! We are sooo happy for Colt's Brother Marshall- he got engaged this past weekend to such an amazing girl- Taylor!! YAY!! Congrats you two!! They are such a cute couple, and we are so excited to have another family wedding!! 
Such a BEAUTIFUL couple- they are gonna have some cute kiddos!! :) Congrats again you guys!