Monday, March 31, 2014


March was DEFINITELY full of madness in our little world!!! Okay so now that life is finally slowing down I get to play catch up, and my goal was to get a post in before April- so yay for me!! :) Haha I believe last we left off was before Christmas, so here goes the LONGEST blog post EVER!! Christmas was a dream! It came and went way too fast. We got to spend it with Colt's amazing family, it was so nice to see everyone- we went to the Nativity at Tuachan, ate the most delicious food, wrapped presents, got family pictures done, and went on a small hike :) It was so refreshing! Colt had to work the day after Christmas, so we had to do the long drive home on Christmas day- it was pretty depressing haha we both were so sad to leave- and leaving on the actual holiday made it even worse. But we made it home safely, and we are so so grateful for our jobs- although I complain all the time I mean although we complain sometimes :) Here are a few of my favorite photos from our trip

The Cox Siblings 

What REALLY happens when we try to snap a pic!

Families are Forever

Colt got me a new coat for Christmas, he sure spoiled me :)

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to nail school, but lacking the funds, and time that dream always seemed so out of reach. This January we decided to make it happen, and even better was the fact that I got to do it with my little sister- Jordan. She is simply amazing, and such a good example to me- who would have thought I would learn from my LITTLE sister isn't supposed to be the other way around?? haha We made some good friends along the way, and had the most awesome instructors always willing to answer any questions and help whenever needed. It was such a blessing, and a feeling of fulfillment in my life. I know nail school isn't a big deal- but it was just what I needed to take we my mind and energy off of everyday worries. It was a 9 week program, Tuesday- Saturday 9-5, much like a full time job. Halfway through our school was bought out by Paul Mitchell, so it was a interesting transition. 

I love that my sister is one of my best friends! LOVE YOU GOOSE!!

Not the most flattering pic, but this was our instructor Danielle- she was AWESOME!

Our Abbey Girl!! We will sure miss her! 

Some of the girls half weren't even paying attention! ha

With the Owners, directors, and Instructors

In February we celebrated a birthday in the Cox household.. Colt turned 29, yes 29!!!! Holy Crap I am married to a old man ;) just kiddin, but really tho next year he is turning 30!! It is so insane, we met when he was only 25- I was 20. Man time flies when you are having fun! For his birthday we went out for sushi- his request not mine- haha and then we went and saw the Secret life of Walter Mitty. Such a relaxing evening! When we got home I gave Colt his present, he was like a kid in a candy store, it was well worth the purchase. We have used it literally EVERY night since the night of his birthday! Colt is officially our family chef, I hardly ever cook lately :) pure heaven!

 Birthday Boy with one of his presents, cereal and all :) haha

A Man and his BBQ= True love 

In the Begininng of March, my most dearest and best friend Sam got married, it was such a honor to be apart of her big day! Colt was supposed to come with me, but last minute had to cover a shift at work :( so I had to go it alone for the day-- it wasn't too shabby, I went to the ceremony in Bountiful- at which I saw one of Colt's closest friends (Robert Brant) What are the odds :) and then I had a few hours to kill so I went and saw a movie- yes alone :) haha no shame here! and then I drove to Brigham for the luncheon and reception. Sam was such a stunning bride!! Her and Carlos were absolutely made for each other, and we couldn't be more thrilled for them both!!!

Mr. And Mrs Rodriguez :)

Sorry Sam, your eyes are closed! haha 

She was so pretty!

Life the last couple months has been absolutely crazy, Working two jobs and going to school full time- Colt working ALL THE TIME-- I feel like we wake up go to work, come home have enough time to eat dinner and then we hit the hay, and it starts all over again. We are in serious need of a vacation... We are planning on going to St. George in May-- so that is something we can look forward to :) I am officially done event coordinating at Castle Manor tomorrow, and I will take on more hours at the Salon working the front desk and doing pedicures. We are SOOO excited that I don't have to work EVERY weekend-- and such long nights anymore!! My work hours will be the same time of the day as Colt, it is going to be so nice. I think he is more excited than I am :) I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work there, I learned so much, and there are tons of things I will miss, but when it came down to it it was the biggest stress in my life, and I am ready for the next chapter in our lives. 

I know I always go off on a sappy love side note about this guy, but honestly he is just the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wouldn't have been able to make it through these last few months without him by my side encouraging me and building me up. He is my everything, and my love deepens for him everyday. I don't know how I convinced him to marry me, but I sure got the best end of the deal! I love our life together, and am so excited for what our future holds!! Cheers to a new Month!! Happy Spring everyone!!