Monday, December 12, 2011


Thanksgiving was such a good time!! We got to spend it with the Cox side of the family in Springville, and Colt's family drove up from Saint George to celebrate it with us! It was so much fun! I truly am the most blessed girl in the world, I married into such a amazing family! Everyone always makes me feel so welcome and at ease! We couldn't have asked for a better way to spend thanksgiving with the people we love! We ate ALOT of yummy yummy food, and then Steve (Colt's uncle) went and saddled up a few horses. I didn't ride, but thats okay cause it was just so fun to watch everyone else running around on them! They were all pro's of course, it was so much fun to watch! After horse riding we played a giant game of bingo with everyone who was there.. This was a blast! Everyone got into it, and won many fun little presents! Such a fun way to all be together for the holiday, I am already looking forward to next year!!

The Gang
Colt and I by the pasture where they were riding, such a GORGEOUS day!!

My Cowboy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best. Husband. EVER.

I am a HUGE fan of twilight, I guess you could call me a twihard, or even just a NERD haha but I don't care I love it! The books are so good, even tho the movies can be kind of cheesy, those of us that have read the books appreciate those cheesy moments that do happen on screen. As you all know Breaking Dawn came out last weekend.. It was literally like Christmas for me! Normally I go with girl friends, and Jess but since I am not in Logan I had no one else to go with :( so Colt (being such a good husband) said he would go with me! It seriously made my day! Haha he just wanted me to be happy and knew it was killing me to wait to go see it... When he said he would go with me I ran to the theatre and got some tickets.. :) 6 hours later we were watching Breaking Dawn!! It was such a treat! I am so lucky to have a husband that will put aside his pride and come watch twilight just to make me happy :) I love you Colt, thanks for being so amazing! 
Before the movie.. SOO exciting! haha 

Trip to Logan Land :)

I was sooo excited when I was able to go to Logan! I got to spend some much needed time with my best friend Samantha, my MONKEY, and Jess!  It was such a good trip! The purpose of me even going to Logan was so I could meet with my school advisor and figure out what I needed to do next semester. Well the one day I decided to meet with her she was so busy, and out of the office all day long. When she was there, it was such a huge line I would have never gotten in before she closed. I was pretty frustrated, but it was okay cause I just got to spend more time with Jess and Kayser. J Haha While being in Logan I got to go with Jess to her Ultrasound, cause Bry couldnt get away from work. I was so excited and happy she wanted me to go because we found out the sex of the baby! It was so exciting! Technology these days is truly amazing! When we would ask Kayson if it was a boy or girl, he was just so insistant on it being a girl. If you asked him "what will you name it if it is a boy Kays?" He would say "ITS A GIRL BUGZ!!!" all put out. He would walk around the house talking about "His Sisters".. Oh man Jess and Bry it looks like you have at least another one up there :), or maybe a set of twins!! That would be just great! HAHA It was hilarous to hear what Kayson wanted to name the baby, Chicken Boo Boo Rain Rain Sun. He is not going to let up on this name, good luck Bry and Jess! To sum it up it was the best trip ever,  
While I was at Jesss house they were pulling out all of their Christmas J Kayson was so excited and saw this hat, he immediately put in on a was running around.. I had to get a picture of him
He wanted to do a silly face one J
Waiting to see BABY! SOO EXCITED, can you tell??

BEAUTIFUL Momma J Anxiously waiting..
CRAZY the images they can pull from a Ultrasound now..
Here is the Back.. It is crazy how you can see every rib, and the spine..Baby Looks like a ALIEN!
And.. IT IS A GIRL!!!! WAHOO! :)
Sooo excited about finding out its a girl!!! Best. Day. EVER. Love you Jess!!
I couldn't do a post without putting a picture up with my dear Sam!! I sure do miss this girl! Love you chicka!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life Update :)

WOW It has sure been a crazy last couple of weeks!!! I started my new job last monday and trained all week long, and this week I started on the teller line, I never knew they had to know and do so many things for just one transaction. It is going to be such a good job, we are super excited! I am thrilled I no longer have to work Sundays, now I can go to church and spend time with my husband all day long! :) I am the luckiest girl alive, Colt and I have now been married for a month and two days! Time has FLOWN by! It feels like we were in the temple getting sealed just yesterday. I came home from work on monday after working a long 9 1/2 hours of on the job training, I was so exhausted! When I came in the door I saw a rose ( in a water bottle, Colt's makeshift vase :) ) With a note that said: "Happy 1 month anniversary Jen!! Love ya!! -your husband" AWE man it melted my heart, sweetest thing ever! I am so grateful to have such a awesome husband, he is so good to me and is constantly building me up! I ask myself everyday how did I get so lucky to marry a guy like Colton? He is my best friend and I cannot wait to live the rest of my life with him! We decided we seriously needed to start working out (not working for two weeks I was making goodies ALOT) haha Colt is always saying he doesn't want to be the typical newlywed couple who gains a billion pounds, SOO we signed up for planet fitness for now because it is cheap :) Colt has been going faithfully, but I cannot say the same! Haha hopefully we can both get into the habit especially before the holidays really start...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Such a Good Life!!

WOW Time is flying by!! The last month went so fast I wish I could just rewind time and do it all over again! The wedding was sooo beautiful! Colton and I are so blessed to have such a supportive family, Thanks for all your help we love you all! All the fun is over and it is back to real life, Colt went back to work on Monday :(. So I figured with all of this free time I might as well get us organized, and start up our blog before I start my new job on the 31st! I have never worked at a bank before so we will see how I do :) After working at a hospital for 3 years I am so excited to have my Sundays and holidays off! It will be great! As I said before, we are so blessed and just loving the married life! :) Stay tuned for wedding pictures soon to come!