Monday, January 26, 2015

All about DACIE

So I decided to designate a post JUST of Dacie-- haha she is all I take pictures of nowadays it feels like so why not! I know getting to see our pup all the time is prob. annoying for a lot of peeps- but since we don't have kids this is what you get- a dog :) hahaha It is crazy how much she has changed. She is on the bigger side for a Yorkie which is interesting, but we are wanting to breed her someday so that is okay with me- it won't be as hard on her little body.

This was taken when she was 10 weeks old

This was taken a couple of weeks ago-- so crazy how little she used to be! 

This pup LOVES toilet paper rolls- she walks around the house with them like this.. haha Dacie DUCK!

I come home to this more often then not... Colt claims he doesn't care for her- but he really does :) 

In the last couple weeks one of her ears have decided they want to stand up :) hahaha I LOVE IT! 

She never was a yappy puppy but the last week she has sure found her voice and really has become quite the brave little guard dog- she sits like this on our bed like this just waiting to hear someone coming to our house :) haha 

Okay so I am officially a crazy dog lady designating a blog post solely to our dog- haha I know I say this all the time but Dacie really has been so good for us- she has taught me so much, and is truly like my child! So there ya have it- I hope you think this face is as cute as I do :) The. END. 

Cox Bedroom Remodel

For months now we have been wanting to change up our bedroom- so we decided it would be our Christmas to each other :) There is nothing more rewarding than fixing up a old home and making it our own. I am so lucky I married a handyman-- who happens to work at a building supply Whoot whoot! :) haha Here are some pictures of our room.... It used to be a ugly mauve purple gray color- haha and so we chose a really soothing light gray- and Colton ripped out all the old trim, and replaced it with some new beautiful headers and baseboards. We still need to get new bedding- and rearrange but here is what we have so far...

The before ugliness :) hahaha I was in the process of painting the ceiling when I realized I hadn't snapped any before pictures- so this is the only one I got before new paint and trim... 

After the paint job.. I am still trying to convince to take down the light fixture so I can paint it---

What the trim looked like before and after- now the before picture was taken in our hallway- our next project-- but you get the jist :) 

Before the new trim/headers :) 

After AHH :) 

Next up on the to do list is new closet doors, and regular doors throughout our upstairs. Colt did such a great job on all of it- and I must say I totally let him have complete control over what kind and what type of baseboards/ headers to get- I am so proud! He really does good work! :)

Life in 2015

WOW 2015 here we go- another year older, and wiser right?! Haha I'd like to think so thank you very much ;) It has already been so exciting and we are only 26 days in. Haha So Colton had two siblings that were expecting- both of which have had their babies!!! WAHOO! We are so anxious to get down south and take full advantage of our Auntly and Uncle duties and love on those babies! They are both sooo ADORABLE- and we can hardly wait! 2 more weeks until we get to meet them.. the countdown is ON!
Introducing: Desmond Leelan Cox :) Pure cuteness!

Can't believe this little guy is already a month old and we haven't even met him yet! :( 2 more weeks little buddy :) 

Introducing: Owen Daniel Stock :) so darling!

Look at those cheeks! LOVE! :)

It is amazing Owen was born almost a month after Desmond, and he looks bigger than him! Haha Cute boys! So precious! YAY for babies!! MMM!

In the beginning of the month we were invited to go to a AGGIE basketball game with my sister and her little family where my little nephew Kayson was honored at half time for Type 1 Diabetes! It was such a cool experience to the most deserving little guy! My sister's husbands family are die hard Aggie fans- so they never miss a game- and the kids only ever see Big Blue from a distance- Kayson thought it was pretty cool being carried off the court by him! :) Colt and I haven't been to a Aggie basketball game since we were first married so naturally he was in heaven! Such a cool thing to witness :) Go KAYSER! 

KyKy was being a little pill- haha look at that face..

The highlight of the night :) 

 It was almost a full house- and to hear everyone clap and cheer for Kayson brought me to tears! So awesome! 

One of the BEST parts of living two blocks away from my big sister is sharing meals with each other! We kind of have a mutual understanding- and help each other out when needed- for example there are some days I am at work ALL DAY and come home to my sister dropping off some dinner. She doesn't realize how much I appreciate her and all she does for me, she is such a amazing example of serving others!! We have also figured out that neither of us need to slave in the kitchen all day on Sundays-- so she will make half the meal and I will make half the meal-- and then we swap and poof a full Sunday dinner :) It is working out quite wonderfully I do say so myself haha occasionally we will just eat it all together- which has been fun. This is where we typically find Colt and the kiddos after one of our Sunday meals, watching animal shows on Netflix haha they sure love their Colt! :) 

Life has been pretty great to us in recent months- and we are so grateful for everyone in our lives! Here is to another new year, new goals, and new memories!! :)

Holidays 2014

Wow I can't believe we are already a month into the new year, and I haven't even written about our holidays... Another year gone- so crazy! Halloween was such a blast this last year, we went to our good friend Emily and Brad Heugly's party which was so fun. Played games, visited, took Polaroids, and stuffed our faces with amazing food haha! :) Dacie was a butterfly this year which was ADORABLE  (I know I know poor dog... ;) ) and we had to go visit the kiddos of course. It was such a fun night! Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays!

 I cannot believe how big these kiddos are getting! So crazy! I had a pic with Colt in it with us- but I can't seem to find it.. sorry Colt!

Me and my cute little butterfly :) 

Baby Butterfly ;)

 For thanksgiving this year we were lucky to go down to St. George with Colton's family. It was so great seeing everyone, and as always we had such a good time- didn't do anything too exciting- but it just felt good to be with loved ones. P.S. My mother in law is the most AMAZING cook-- and I look so forward to her thanksgiving meals every year! They are divine!

The Cox Crew :) 

December was alot more crazy than the other two months! We had something every weekend which made it go by that much faster. So crazy That it is all over. Colton's family won a couple extra tickets to the Church Christmas concert on temple square so we met up with them one weekend in Salt Lake- the Concert was sooo good, and as always the lights were beautiful! :) We ended the night at the cheesecake factory- made for such a nice night out :) 

December was filled with work, and ward parties, friends and family, and we wouldn't have had it any other way! We are so blessed to have the friends we do, and are also blessed with such amazing jobs! They sure spoil us :) 

We sure love these two :) 

Christmas this year was with my side of the family- but was so weird because not all of us were home! But it was still so nice to be home surrounded by family. I was AWEFUL this year at getting any pictures! ha the only one I managed to snap was of my sweet pup snuggling me the night of Christmas :) Bear with me peeps, sadly the only pictures I take are of my Dacie nowadays. haha!

Oh Christmas Tree 

Dacie Claus- love this pup!!

Also for Christmas this year, Colton's parents gave us a cut-out copy of these little reindeer that have been in the Cox family for years and years, it was so special and we are so happy to get our own little set for our future family to enjoy through the holidays :) I had fun painting these babies, they turned out pretty darn cute! 


This year for New Years we just stayed home, and it was so wonderful :) sipped hot cocoa, ate until our hearts content, and were in bed by 11:00 Haha welcome to adulthood, another year gone a new year here :) We hope all of our friends and loved ones had a fantastic holiday season- CHEERS! :)