Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Update

Hold onto your britches everyone, this is gonna be a LOOONNNGG one! So many awesome things have happened in the last month, and since this is in a sense our way of journaling about our life I want to cover all of them! We kicked off the end of September/ beginning of October with the JDRF walk for Kayson. It was a walk for a diabetes cure 5K. We were team Super K, with our fearless superhero Kayson as our leader. :) He was absolutely adorable, it was such a fun thing to do in honor of him!

 Jason with Beckham boy

 The sisters- Aren't they pretty?

The Team: Kayson walked in FRONT the entire time :) 

Miss Boo hitched a ride on Colt's shoulders for half the time, she now prefers him over me.

Being a baby has its perks :) Thank goodness for buff men! 

Family Love  

My two favorite people :) 

I got a new job a few weeks ago working as a Receptionist at a Salon, and so far I LOVE IT!! Everyone I work with is so awesome, and it is just such a chill environment! My very good friend Emily Taylor (Heugly) is a hair dresser there and one day she sent me a message telling me they were hiring for a part time position - because my Event Coordinating job slows WAY down in the winter months- so I applied and before I knew it I was hired and training 3 days later. It has been such a huge blessing. :)

I was so excited for Fall to come, and now it is passing us by sooo FAST! Just last week the trees were so GORGEOUS and now most leaves have fallen :( that is the worst part about fall! Luckily Colt's family came up to Logan at the perfect time, the leaves and colors were perfect. We were so excited to have them stay with us! They came up the Thursday before conference, and left Sunday morning. It was such a great weekend, we just relaxed, watched movies, listened to conference on Saturday- and ate a ton of treats :) They brought some birthday presents for me with them, holy cow did they SPOIL me!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED the gifts they gave me! I got a kindle fire HD, and some stinkin cute colorful mugs- of which Colt and I will get TONS of use out of this winter making hot chocolate. I feel so blessed to have married into such a giving, amazing family! They sure know how to make a gal feel good thats for sure! They also took us out to dinner in honor of my upcoming birthday, it was so nice! We can hardly wait to see them again, serious depression hit the Cox household after they had left!!

Sadie Bug rode the Saddle for me at Texas Roadhouse :) They sang too loud as you can tell.

While I was at work, Colt took them on a "Scenic" drive through the valley, the Colors were STUNNING!! We have such a beautiful family!!

He also took them to see Napoleon Dynamites house, Cute Mickey!! :) 

I wish I had gotten more pictures the weekend they were here, I am such an idiot!! The following Monday Colt and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary!! It is so crazy I married this guy 2 years ago- man time flys!! Everyday I thank my lucky stars I found Colt! He is the love of my life!

We celebrated by going to Red Lobster, and ate way more than we should have, it was heavenly! 

He sent me the most GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers to the Salon, they were beautiful!! 

I got to go to Burley Last weekend with the sisters, it was so much fun! It was homecoming week so my little Sister Jayme got to cheer at the Varsity football game. She is so fun to watch, and such a good cheerleader! Half way through the game they called all the BHS Alumni cheerleaders to the track to do the Alumni cheer and fight song, I was so embarassed, but I did it nevertheless Jayme was so excited we all got to cheer together :) 4 generations of Pollard cheerleaders, CRAZY! 


Felt good to be home :) 

I got back from Burley on Sunday afternoon, and everyone knows Sundays are NAP days- so of course I laid down for a snooze, WORST MISTAKE EVER. When I woke up my back was a little stiff, I thought ah this will go away here in like an hour- but it didn't. It actually got worse and worse. We went to bed around 9 but by 11 I was in so much excruciating pain, I couldn't even move without my back tensing up and hurting sooo bad. So Colt hurried and got dressed and rushed me into the ER. They ran a bunch of tests unsure if it was my kidneys, or really back pain. I HATED getting an IV, but oh boy the medicine they put in it was oh so worth it! After they drugged me up good, they sent us on our way- with the conclusion that I had just pulled some of my lower back muscles. I have never experience pain like that. The next day I barely could walk so I looked like EEGOR, it was humiliating! Luckily I work with some amazing people who let me rest the next couple days- and now I am on my way to recovery. I now can totally sympathize with people who have had back issues- it is awful! 

A very tired/worried husband

I looked like death, so only pictures of my arms will suffice haha 

Once again Colt amazed me with how well he took care of me, he is so caring- and was willing to do anything I needed! When we have kids he is going to be such a good hands on kind of dad! I sure would be lost without him! We have been trying to get pregnant for well over a year now, and it just gets harder and harder every month. In the ER they ran some blood tests and when they said the words that I wasn't pregnant it was just another sting to add to the pain I was already experiencing. Luckily I had a appointment with my OBGYN the very next day after the ER. FINALLY some good news in the fertility department- after so many hurtful bad months- My doctor is now putting me on Chlomid. We will see what happens, he was very hopeful it will work-- and I sure hope he is right. It will increase our chances of having mulitples by 10%-- I know that isn't alot- BUT our neighbors have 2 (not 1) but 2 sets of twins- and they were on Chlomid!! We are super nervous with that being a possibility, but we are also so ready to become parents that if it happens we will be so happy! He is starting me on a higher dosage than normal, so cross your fingers it will work!! 

This week I got to celebrate my 24th birthday!! It is crazy to think I am this old, I always imagined having at least 3 kids by the time I hit my 24th birthday-- but my life has turned a different route than I always imagined. I worked all day, and Colt had told me he was going to take me out, but instead he surprised me by inviting all my siblings, and Sam out for ice cream cake! He is just so awesome- I know I say that alot, but he really is! :) I got so spoiled! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, you are all the best! 

My best little bud!

My Parents and Jayme sent these beautiful flowers!! Made my day!! 

This man. :) 

Life is looking up, we are so excited for the next couple months! Colt's brother is getting married, thanksgiving, and then Christmas will be here before we know it! YAY for the holidays! :)