Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dacie Cox

SOOO my birthday came a little earlier this year... I have been begging Colt to let me get a little inside dog- preferably a yorkie- and then one day I was on KSL and I found a litter of yorkie pups ready to go for the best price I had ever seen- SOO we jumped on it. She was my anniversary, birthday- and Colt claims Christmas present all in one :) Man she has been such a joy in our lives-- although Colt claims he doesn't care for her, she sure has grown on him the last few weeks! She LOVES him haha which is hilarious! Everyone loves Dacie- not even kidding, the pictures speak for themselves!!

Right after I picked her up, she was so scared! 

She was so little that first day! 

I mean really, doesn't like her-- pshh YYEEEAAHH RIGHT haha :)

Bein all protective up on the mountain... she LOVES colt! 

This is how we travel apparently... 

I think about 20 people said "Good luck with potty training," or "Have fun cleaning up messes.." the first week we had her-- and yes we have had some accidents- and training has been a adjustment but heck she really has been a breeze!! I mean accidents are a given because she is after all she is a puppy- but I am so so happy to have Dacie, She has been my therapy dog- and man it is totally paying off! I love seeing Colt play with her! Ha he was dead set on not liking her-- but I think she has officially won him over! :) Yay for puppies!! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Goodbye Summer, HELLLLOOO FALL!

I am so ready for the fall/holiday season! Here is a quick re-cap of what our final summer weeks were like....  Our Annual Pollard girls trip was at the beginning of August, and it was such a blast! The only pictures I managed to snap were when we went to WICKED! It was sooooo good! Holy smokes we were all in HEAVEN! The rest of our trip was filled with shopping, shopping, eating, and eating more food! It was such a fantastic trip, one of my favorite traditions! PS sorry about the quality of the pictures, cell phones and bad lighting dont mix well...

 Mom and Jess before it started

 The Dragon was HUGE and moved it was so neat!

 The Crew!

Such a powerful presentation!

The following week one of Colton's very best friends got married! We are so so happy for Easton and his new wife Melanie!! She looked gorgeous and he was beaming with joy. We drove down to Salt Lake for the wedding dinner, it was in the Joseph Smith Memorial building and was oh so fancy! I always love seeing Colt reminisce with his friends, it was such a nice evening!

Colt and Easton

After the dinner we took advantage of being on temple square, I could sit in this very spot all day and be so content! That night MOTAB was practicing, and it is open to the public at the tabernacle so we went and listened to some amazing songs as well, it was so refreshing! SUCH a amazing night out with my love!

The Following weekend we went to Burley to see my Dad's sister, my Aunt Connie and cousin Micheal from Maine. It was so good to see them and catch up! Micheal was cracking us up, he loves to play the wii and wheel of fortune, "BIG MONEY BABY, BIG MONEY!" He is so smart it is just so amazing!! 
Because life is so precious, I NEVER can pass up a opportunity to make rolls with my Dad, one of his favorite things to make...

Micheal has special needs, but has the SWEETEST spirit of anyone I have ever known. It is amazing how much you can learn from someone like him. He is the most giving, caring person I have ever had the privilege of knowing, he has the pure love of Christ. 

We sure missed Jessica and Jason this weekend! But Dad made it to church, and looked so handsome in his sunday attire so we couldn't pass up a photo op with his girls!!

Dad and his sister Connie, it is so fun having them visit!

A couple weekends later we got to spend some time with Colton's family in Springville. It was soooo good to see all of them! We went to one of Colt's cousin's football games, and then had a baby shower for his cousin Jess, and then homecoming for his other cousin Libby. Its so good to have her back from her mission, her talk was so good! After all the weekend festivities it was Labor day so we drove up the canyon to Grandpa Dave's cabin in Scofield. It was so fun to see, and Colton's grandpa pulled out his fishing boat and took us all on rides! The kiddos loved that! It was so cute to see Kellen sit by Colt holding a fishing pole! :) It times like those I wish we lived closer so we could see those kiddos more often! They are getting so big it isn't even funny! 

 Kellen and Colt
Kellen sandwich :) 

Love me some Sadie Bug!!! Seriously tho she is a freakin doll!

Kellen was such a big helper :) 

 Cute sisters :) 

Pretty Taylor girl!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

3 Years

It feels like yesterday when I was getting ready for a blind date thinking I was never going to do it again, because I had my fair share of AWEFUL blind dates- little did I know that was the very last blind date I would EVER go on again! And let me tell ya I struck gold! :) I am so grateful Colton mustered up the courage to call and ask me out! I remember thinking on our date that this guy was the most sincere person I had ever met. Colt had a kindness that radiated from him, I could tell he truly cared about what I was telling him, I had never seen a man show that much interest in me before! I wrote in my journal that night after he took me home, and it said something like this: "This Colton is different than any guy I have ever gone out with, I would be lucky to find and marry a man like him! In the 3 short hours of our date he had a way of making me feel so good about myself, and who I am. I would love for him to ask me out again, but I know it is a long shot- he is way out of my league! Whoever he ends up with is a lucky lady and will be treated like a queen. THAT is the kind of man I want to marry someday." I never in my wildest dreams thought Colton Cox would call me just two days later to ask me on another date! I am so so happy he did! Here we are 3 years later- celebrating our anniversary! I truly am the luckiest girl alive. Now nobody's life is perfect, we have our fair share of struggles, and trials- but let me tell you without Colton there is no way I would be the person I am today. He is ALWAYS there to give me a warm hug, and lift me up when I am down. He still listens to me talk and talk and never makes me feel what I have to say is unimportant. I can be utterly CRAZY sometimes- but he rolls with the punches, and I am forever grateful for that. Most importantly he is a worthy priesthood holder. Whenever I need a blessing I can call on his priesthood power for peace and comfort. He is the biggest blessing in my life. So to celebrate three years of marriage with this man here's a look back in time :)

Our first Pic!

San Fransisco

China Town

Engagements :) 

Engagement FAIL HAHA

October 7th 2011 sealed for time and all eternity!

BEST day of my life!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Fun

Can you believe school will be starting up in 3 short weeks?! Wow this summer hasn't even felt like a summer to me. We kicked it off with a little vacation to Gridley California where Colt's grandparents live. It was soo awesome, and so much fun! They have a pool, so we laid out, swam, played ping pong, took nice naps, and ate until our hearts content :). About two days after we got there and had time to re-coop from our travels we drove to Fort Bragg, where Jayne (Colt's mom) rented a beach side house. Except it wasn't really a beach it was more of a cliff-- but it was soooooo BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen anything like it. There were big huge rocks all over the place, and when the tide was low we were able to climb down to the tide pools, many fun treasures were found :) It was such a amazing experience and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of it! After Fort Bragg we drove back to Gridley and just relaxed, and hung out with family for a day before we began our long voyage home. It was so depressing to come back to reality-- as a matter of fact we are just BARELY getting out of the vacation blues funk. Hopefully we can go back sooner than later! Here are some pics I was able to snatch.

These boys and their ping pong matches, countless hours were played that week! 

Family BBQ everyone waiting for the food...

Because this is what little brothers do.. Torture you when you are driving long distances :) 

The glass beach at Fort Bragg. Yes people I am standing on the softest, most beautiful glass pieces! :) 

Colt at Glass Beach-- no it isn't sand it is glass every color, every kind! So Pretty!

Gutting their tide pool finds for an appetizer- no thanks! ;)

The back yard of our beach house 

Poor little creatures..

Rocks behind the house when the tide was low

Back of the house- Every night we sat in the hot tub and watched the sun go down on the water- it was breathtaking!!

Beach at Fort Bragg, If no hat- shirts work just as well to cover your face ;) 

Love my sweetheart 

Could have laid there all day! 

Malificent who?

Some of Grandma Jenkins brag worthy flowers in her yard- too beautiful not to snap a picture of!


A Garden amist a bunch of little shops in Fort Bragg, so pretty!

We SOOO did not want to come home-- we were not to happy when we got home :( 

It literally took weeks to recover from our vacation blues, jumping back into work and real life. After California we went home on the 4th of July to help the family in the fireworks booths-- usually we only have two booths but this year my parents decided to take on ANOTHER one so they were so busy trying to make sure all three ran smoothly. I wish I could say it was a relaxing weekend, but it was so super busy and went too fast! Now I am doing pedicures at my salon two days a week- so it is really nice because I can make my own schedule on those days-- I love living in the same town as my sisters- I feel like we are always together! The other day Jess needed a break for a moment so Jordan and I took the kiddos to a matinee, and then this new place called fizz and fries. They were in HEAVEN. I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

Their favorite thing in the world is fries, they LOVED it!

Ky is into this weird smile phase right now, she was cracking us up!

Love my Ky Bug

During the summertime Meme always comes to stay with Jess, so we just play play play- and I think it is safe to say we all want our Meme time! She is growing up way too fast- I cannot even believe it. So grateful I could spend some time with her while she was here, man she is turning into a beautiful WOMAN (WEIRD!!).

Since when is it okay for your baby sis to be taller than you??!!!

My most best friends.

Anyone who knows me know that my nieces and nephews are my WORLD. I am so so sad that we live so far away from Colt's nieces and nephews, hopefully someday I can see them just as much as my side. this last month we celebrated a birthday, Kayson turned 6-- man time flies! I can remember the day he was born like yesterday, 9lbs 13 oz of squishy yummy smelling innocence. When he was first born, I got the opportunity to babysit him everyday while Jess went back to work- so we established a bond right from the get go, I like to say I am his second Momma-- he holds such a special place in my heart. Strongest little guy I know, he looks up to Colton so much too- I love seeing them together. 

Now. My big 6 year old!

Then- my chunky Monkey

Since yesterday was Pioneer day, Colt and I both had the day off-- it was literally the best day. haha We slept in until our hearts content, and then drove to Bear Lake to enjoy a little sunshine. I laid on the beach while Colt swam- it was so nice! We then got to explore Bear Lake a little more-- went and ate at Cafe Sabor- a MUST- drove home, took a nap, then went to a BBQ with some friends in the ward. After that we lit fireworks at my sisters house. It was just so nice to relax- and be together all day. Sometimes we get caught up in our everyday lives and don't make time to do things like this, so it was so so nice. We have lots to look forward to the next month-- family farewells, homecomings, girls trip, and a fishing trip for Colt. I absolutely LOVE fall- and can hardly wait!