Thursday, April 9, 2015


February was sure a exciting month around these parts! It feels like we haven't been up to much but we really have when I look back through pictures! We kicked off the month with a visit to St. George to see Colt's brother Marshall and his beautiful wife Taylor bless their baby boy Desmond, As always it was super fun to see everyone- and meet our two new nephews! They were so precious! :) 

On our way to St. George we stopped to visit Grandma Mary- This is how Dacie sat because she was afraid of Grandma's dog Tank :) Ha scaredy cat!

We went to dinner and then a Dixie State Basketball game :)

Colt sure loved meeting Desmond- isn't he the cutest?!

I could eat him up! MM so sweet!

This guy loves babies soooo much- it makes my heart smile :) This is when we met Owen- so new!

Love this!

Micky, and my Sadie Bug aren't they pretty??

Family picture time! I am so lucky to be apart of this wonderful family!!!

After we got back from St. George we hit another HUGE milestone in my family. My Dad Celebrated his 14th transplant anniversary!! Wow we didn't think we could make it to 1, let alone 5- miraculously 10-and now 14 years!!!!! Holy cow the time has FLOWN by! I can't even believe it. We are truly so blessed that he is still here with us! This year was different though- while we were celebrating my Father's life- I was overcome with a feeling of gratitude and emotion for the Clutter family. It is unfair that a happy day for one family, can be such a dark and depressing day for another. We are forever indebted to the Clutter family and the courageous/ selfless choice they made to donate Jeryd's organs. We are always thinking of them- and love them so much! 
My Hero

Dad with Jeryd's mom Sandy- such a beautiful day!

Dad with his transplant doctors after the transplant

Another fun happening in the Cox house: we had someone turn 30- CRAZY! Ha All month leading up to the big 3-0 I was teasing Colt relentlessly ;) I had secretly been conversing with his two buddies from St. George- who both now live in Provo and SLC- planning a night out. We got Jazz tickets and planned dinner beforehand. It was sure a blast- Colt was in heaven with his guys, and it was so fun to meet their cute wives!! We seriously need to get together more often- since we live so close. 

In all the jazz games I have been to I have never had the Jazz bear get this close! 

The crew! Such amazing people! 

Happy Birthday Babe! 

The Three amigos

Why so serious? ;)

In honor of the Birthday Boy, I mean how cute is this?!

MMM this man is my everything- and I am so happy we got to celebrate his day of birth! Haha

In other happenings around these parts we have had work, doctor visits, Kyler's birthday, Princess Academy, Bachelor finale parties, trips home- and just life. Sometimes it feels like life is on repeat- get up go to work come home, eat dinner, go to bed- wake up and do it all over again. We LOVED watching conference and celebrating Easter this last weekend- it always feeds my soul and is just when we need it the most. As of late I have found myself going to the temple- ALOT I just can't get enough of the peace there. I love how it puts everything into perspective, and whats really important. I am trying to make it a weekly habit- which if made a priority is really quite easy to find time.  Work has been picking up lately- as I am going to be taking over for our resident nail tech while she is on maternity leave. Colt's job is getting into its busy season as well- he gets home later and later everyday. There are some weeks I feel like we hardly see each other- so I decided to make a bucketlist of things we are going to do this summer- that don't require money- just time :) Dacie has grown like a weed- and is such a joy in our lives! She keeps us on our toes! Here are some pictures of our latest happenings.... 
This little chick is my little buddy lately..

Having my big sister so close is one of my biggest blessings in life right now- she will drop everything to go to doctors appointments with me, come check on me, help with Dacie, bring me cookies, meals, laundry detergent- when I am out ;) you name it :) I sure love her- she is my best friend. 

One of my weekly temple visits..

I can't get enough of this place. 

This is how Dacie and I wait for Colt to get home- sit looking at the door.... 

Don't mind my ugly mug- but I love how she snuggles up to me like this in the mornings- she is my furbaby!!!

Always playing!

Another doc. visit... 

Dacie LOVES Ky- she is so protective of her!!!

Our bucketlist..

St. Paddys day treats :)

One morning this girl came right over to my house and just needed her nails done because "BUGZ one of my nails chipped- I need them done NOW!" haha she literally just woke up..

Kyky's Birthday- we went to see Cinderella!

Our Royal Princess Academy- I mean how AWESOME do they look?!
Rapunzel, Elsa, Belle, Ariel, Anna, and Cinderella

The little girls were enthralled!!!

so Pretty!

Doesn't my little sis make the PRETTIEST Belle?!  She got all the good looks genes in the family... 

Love this chicky!

When I ride home with the little sis- this is how we do- one pup behind my head the other taking over my lap! ha

Well folks thats that- until next time :) ADIOS!