Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This Crazy Life

This is gonna be another Whopper of a post peeps, sorry ahead of time! I have seriously contemplated just getting rid of our blog, but when I begin to, I feel like I am just throwing away two years of journaling, not very good journaling I might add, haha It is so fun to look back on our newly married years and what we were doing with our lives- THUS the reason I am keeping it- for now. Life has just been hecktic to say the least, two jobs sure is filling my time. Dixie and work fills Colt's time-- he sure loves that pup. Every year my sister has had kids I have gone trick or treating with them. It has turned into such a fun tradition for us. Colt and Bry just watched some important games while we braved the cold. It was sure fun to watch the kiddos and hang with my sisters! I was sad I couldn't see our other niece and nephews.. One year we will drive down to Vegas and go trick or treating with them. And next year we will have to catch Beckham before bedtime..
 My super awesome Ninja who isn't super thrilled to take a picture.. :)

And then my adorable little miss Spider with Goose 

After Halloween we got to spend almost a week in St. George with Colt's family, which is ALWAYS so fun-- we never want to leave and go through some serious withdrawls. Colt's brother Marshall got married, and might I say he sure had the most beautiful bride ever! I am so excited to get to know Taylor a little more. She is such a sweetheart, and they looked sooo happy! Colt's parents were of course in charge of the luncheon- which was DELISH might I add. It was fun to get ready and help decorate for it. 

 They are sure going to have some beautiful kids!!! Such a cute couple!! Congrats guys (photo cred, Facebook- thanks guys :) )

 I threw together this fabric garland, and banner the day before, turned out pretty cute I might add!

 The tables turned out DARLING, Jayne made all the candy boxes, and centerpieces which were adorable!!!

I got to decorate this bench, I made the COX letters the day before, Grandma Mary made the freaking cute quilt, My father in law made the clock, and I snatched the old barn window from my sister's stock pile :)

Colt sure loves kiddos.. Especially this little dude! 

This year I wanted to get some new pictures of Colt and I, SICK of WEDDING photos haha, so my sister and I rounded everyone up- including Dixie- and snapped some quick pics in her back yard, and the cemetary that is literally just down the street. I was pleasantly surprised how well they turned out! FYI I am extremely puffy in all of them-- it was my first round on fertility drugs-- and it clearly didn't like my body. But other than that Colt looks so handsome and Dixie just looks like Dixie haha. Oh and the colors are all different for every pic, we were experimenting with some fun things, but these are a few of my favorites :) 

 My two loves. 

 The leaves were so perfect- words cannot describe.

 LOVE this one :) 

As soon as we moved into our house we knew Dixie's dog pen just wasn't going to be big enough for her. Since we still need to put  a fence up on one side of our house- next summers project-- Colt decided to create a dog run for her. He built a awesome fence, of which he put sooo many hours into- and rigged it so it connects to the dog pen, so she can have some grass but go in when it is cold. Unfortunately he didn't get it finished before the cold and snow hit, but he has pushed through the weather and got it done. He was so determined to have it ready for her before winter. 

 Here is the front view of it... its kind of hard to see but Dixie's pen is connected to our shed, so colt fenced behind the shed, and cut a hole in the chain link fence the size of a doggie door so she could go into the open area...Most spoiled dog EVER. 

 SUCH a hard workin guy!  

It is a pretty long dog run, hopefully it will pay off... Eventually when our whole yard is fenced in, I am going to make this little space a garden. We have ALOT of deer out in Richmond, and I know they can jump fences, but maybe just maybe it will help keep them out somewhat... :) 

We were at my parents for thanksgiving this year, which involved ALOT of food, and down time. Pretty sure I gained at least 10 pounds. It was so nice to hang out with the fam, Pollard family holidays always involve going to at least two new movies. So we went and saw Catching Fire- which was A-MA-ZING, and then Frozen which was the cutest disney movie ever! :)

 Before frozen started... I think us adults were more excited to see it than they were... oh and don't mind Jords eyes haha this is the best I could get... (sorry goose!)

As much as I want to believe I am the favorite aunt, the truth is I am not- not by a long shot.. EVERYONE LOVES MEME! :)

 Colt was so excited to FEAST! :) 

Finally caught up with this little dude for enough time to snap a quick picture! He is sure cute and so SO SMART! Love me some Beckham!

The Hueglys invited us to go to a jazz game one weekend, and it was a BLAST! You know you have good seats when you see Jerry Sloan a few rows over, owners walking up and down the stairs, and you have to look way up to see the nose bleed seats- where I have always ever sat at a jazz game- It was a great experience and we feel so blessed they asked us to come with! :) I am loving working with Emily, and finding our friendship grow again. She is such a good friend, and always knows just what to say. I am truly blessed to have her in my life again. Not to mention our hubbys get along great! Whats not to love?!

 Great night with Great company!!!

Blurry pic of us-- it was just so awesome! :) 

My calling in our ward is enrichment committee. Which I LOVE-- WAY better than gospel doctrine teacher! ha for our enrichment christmas party I was put in charge of the table decorations, I LOVED making them- I love to craft so I seriously have the best calling :) haha I was trying to think of something cheap and easy but super cute-- and with the help of my lovely big sister and pinterest, and 65 posterboard Christmas trees later Voila I had my self super cheap but cute centerpieces- of which I plan to use as Christmas decorations for my casa. 

My basement is officially covered in Glitter :)  

Ugh if only the church had cuter chairs and not so ugly carpet... haha 

 The finished product :) 

EVERY year we get a real tree... Well we were a little late in the game this year- and Colt was even going to opt for no tree at all- because by the time we could get one put up we would leave for St. George so we weren't technically really going to be able to enjoy it very long. We didn't want to waste the time nor money- but I didn't want to be Grinchy either-- so I found a little fake tree that we will put in our basement every year. Our big real trees will go upstairs in our living room, so I figured I should just start collecting smaller ones for our basement, so we can enjoy Christmas throughout our entire house. I was lazy and didn't feel like pulling ALL our ornaments and decorations out so our little tree will just have to do. I am pretty sure Colt is secretly happy I put something up to enjoy :) 

We are so excited for Christmas this year-- we are going to Colt's family's casa, and it will be a blast!! We now have two new in laws in the Cox fam, so it will change the dynamic a little bit- it is going to be so fun! I am just praying it is warmer there than it is here in Logan, we love to escape the bitter cold in the valley. This year I made myself a promise that I would get ALL my shopping done before thanksgiving, and oh boy it was so worth it! It feels good to not have to stress about gifts. :)

 Merry Christmas everyone!!