Friday, May 31, 2013

St. George Baby!!

We were soooo EXCITED to run away to St. George for a few days! It is always such a good time, and neither one of us ever want to leave.. One day, sooner than later hopefully, we will live there permantly :) We just have to tell ourselves that so it makes leaving a wee bit easier- but not alot.. haha
It was a sad day, coming home to Logan! We officially have the vacation blues! 

Working at a Reception and Event center we get our fair share of wedding ceremonies and receptions.. Whenever I watch a ceremony take place I can't help but feel a certain sadness overcome me. Till death do us part. It just doesn't sit well with me- I want to stop the whole thing and scream they CAN be together FOREVER! This is the one part of my job that I honestly have the hardest time with! Attending James and Corinne's wedding was so fulfilling! It was a BEAUTIFUL sealing, not to mention Corinne looked STUNNING! They were so happy, and it was so amazing to watch. I loved listening to the things the sealer had to say to them, words cannot express how perfect it was. We are so excited and happy for James and Corinne to begin this journey of life together! Congrats you guys we sure love you!
 The happy couple :) Pre-Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. James Beard!!

The day after Corinne and James wedding Colt's cousin Rio had his homecoming! He was such a great speaker, and from the sounds of it a amazing missionary! After his talk we all gathered for a yummy lunch, and later a giant family home evening with everyone in the family! It was a BLAST! We sang songs, and had a talent show- Of which I might add I married into a family with AMAZING voices and talents! Then we ended the night with more food of course :) haha I swear I gained about 30 pounds this weekend!

Mitchell, Ryan, And Colt 

 All the pretty girls!! 

 FHE after the homecoming luncheon...

 Nothing better than family..

The Rest of the memorial day weekend kicked off with great food, family and fun! On Memorial Day we went up to Pine valley and cooked up some good ol hot dogs, and smores! It was so fun to just relax with everyone! Sadie Bug and Kellen were the funnest to watch, Kellen LOVED playing in the sand and rocks, and Sadie was cute as a button on our hike! She definately kept us entertained the whole hike :) Until we have our own, Colt and I agree that being a Aunt and Uncle is truly the best thing in the world! We love our nieces and nephews more than anything! I called Sadie my little buddy, she is so stinking cute I just can't get over it!

The Crew, minus Jayne and Grandpa.. haha 

Coolest little guy I know :) 

 Pretty Micky :) 

 Colt playing with the kiddos! 

 I just love this picture, because they are both looking at Colt like he is giving them some words of wisdom... :) haha

Miss Sadie Bug, eating a S'more isn't she the cutest?!

The day after memorial day we took Sadie and Micky and went and saw EPIC. It was a really cute show, afterwards we just relaxed and enjoyed being in Dixieland! Colt was in heaven going on rides on his bike, and I just loved laying around being lazy! We seriously have the vacation blues- hopefully eventually we can both get enough time away from our jobs to go on a real vacation, but St. George will just have to do for now- and I am okay with that! :) Happy Memorial day everyone! 
Colt and Mr. Kellen..

Colt's little piece of heaven! :) 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week of May 12th-18th

It is strawberry season, so that means JAM making season... And boy my big sis Jess and I sure did make lots and LOTS of it... 32 pounds of Strawberries, 50 pounds of sugar (sooo not healthy... so don't judge!) and 20 boxes of pecten later we landed 40 or so jars of jam...Thank goodness we collected all our prego jars throughout the last year!! Unfortunately though, we had strawberries coming out of our ears! This entire roaster pan below was what we had left over- MMM... 

 Half of our jars...

 The Finished product... OOHHH sooo good, and sooo WORTH IT! 

This last week I also had the opportunity to attend a wedding of a very dear friend of mine, Dani Adams. She looked soo beautiful, her hubby is sure a lucky man thats for sure! :) It seems like yesterday that we were in 9th grade, playing night games, going on spring breaks to Vegas, boating, all the fun stuff you do when you are in 9th grade! Oh the memories! I had the best childhood/adolesence because of Dani, and our other dear friend Regan Funk! Obviously life has taken all of us to different places, and people, but these girls will always hold a special place in my heart! Congrats Dani and Jason, we wish you the best!! :) 

Its amazing how much we change... This was a typical us when we were little... ha

Love my Dani! 

They were so cute! 

I had to post this one.. it is just so endearing... Such a beautiful couple, they are gonna have some freakin cute kiddos!!! 

My Ainsley... I am so so happy got to see this chicka during the wedding festivities! She is truly one of my best friends!! 

This coming week is going to be an exciting one! Colt's little sister Corinne is getting married on Saturday, so we are headed to St. George for a few days, a much needed mini Vaca!! :) We are so excited to see all the family that will be there!! Bring on the Sunshine and WARM weather!!  

Colt bein a goof, he is always making me smile! I sure do love him! Happy Sunday everyone!! :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bridal Faire, Crafts, Dance Recital, and Mothers Day weekend...

DISCLAIMER: PICTURE OVERLOAD, Beware there is really a TON of pictures, I am trying my hardest to take more, I'd say I was pretty successful this last month ;) ... WOW can you believe we are ALREADY halfway through May?!? Where does the time go?? The beginning of the month for me was hecktic to say the least! I kicked it off with finals week, I have never been so RELIEVED to have school over with! Ha Now I can focus on work more, as well as being a better wife- poor Colt I have really been slacking lately! Event season kicks off in May, we go from having events here and there to all of a sudden EVERY weekend! It is sure a busy time for the Castle,which is a great thing because that means buisness is picking up! Whitli and I get to go to the Bridal shows in the Fall, Winter, and Spring- it is a good change of pace, and really kind of fun to get creative with our booth/table/spot thing ;) I am really late posting these pictures, but I must do them justice and show off our booth... It was SIMPLE, BRIGHT, and SPRINGY, and the best part is we made it all from scratch... We are no pros by any means, but we were pretty proud of ourselves and what we accomplished :)
 We made the curtain (Clearly the lines don't line up perfectly) the imperfections of it makes it real, and cute.. We found the cute table at the DI for 10 dollars and painted it pink, the vase was left over from a event, so we painted it also, and we made the banner as well :) Lets just say spray paint and glue guns are our best friends :)

Can I just say how amazing Whitli is?! She is seriously the brains and glue that hold the Castle together! She is awesome, and I am so grateful that I have been able to work with her- she has truly become such a dear friend!! And no we did not match our outfits on purpose, haha as they say: "Great minds think alike!" ;) 

I have REALLY had the craft itch as of late, to fufill that urge Colt let me get something from my most favorite craft store: The Wood Connection... When we lived in Salt Lake I would go into that place at least every other day.. It is such a fun store-- and I REALLY miss it!! So I got a Flip Flop door hang, and some little birds (cause they were SOO CUTE!)... 
 Before :) 

 A little scrap book paper, sanding, paint and VOILA! :) They are officially CUTIFIED! 

 PERFECT for summer! I love crafting! 

Since it was dance recital week, and Mothers day weekend I was able to go home for a few days, a much needed break from the craziness of life! I always love going home- I mean who doesn't?! Jess, Jord, Kyler and I all  went home on Wednesday for Dance recital so the husbands and Kayson came up Friday to get some much OVERDUE yard stuff done for my parents. It was a great week/ weekend- but it went by WAY too fast! Since we got there on Wednesday we had a day or so before the dance craziness began, so naturally Kyler entertained us most of the time, it was great! She is such a hoot, and has such a sassy personality! She ALWAYS has to have on her "Pretties"(necklaces) and she gets pretty upset if you even ATTEMPT to take them off of her...:) 
 She thought she was pretty hot stuff being pushed around in a laundry basket.. haha

Goose was having more fun than Kyler Bug! 

 Oh the Joys of being a Aunt, Babies are the best! 

Since Mr. Horse was so successful with our Beckham boy when they were in Burley last, Bumpa wanted to try putting this little miss on to see if she would like it as well, and BOY she did! She giggled, and smiled the whole time! haha and on the picture on the left gave Mr. Horse alot of kisses! :) 

It is crazy to think that Jayme is the only one left at home... My parents are almost empty nesters-- INSANE! It is even more insane how fast Jayme is growing up-- she is going to be in 9th grade next year, the HIGH SCHOOL!! AHH!! She has turned into such a GORGEOUS dancer, so fun to watch!! Dance recital was hilarious, long, and full of fun like always,this year they did Circus De Mistique.. or something to that effect.. haha I prob. just slaughtered the name, but oh wells.. haha here are some pictures!!   
Memers is the one in the middle... 

 Mom is always on the Stage Crew-- She is so cute, here is her giving Memer her awards... 

It wouldn't be Recital without flowers, and Dad there to give out the flowers!! I love seeing this, it is my favorite part of it all... 

 Daddys girl all the way!!! Her face looks FREAKY! 

 My Meme Jean, She has officially out grown me! 

 Goose helped back stage as well, she also helped with the Creepy makeup the girls all had to wear... ha

The Crew

The twins, beautiful as always... :)

Our Mothers Day gift to my Mom this year was helping her in the yard, as well as deep cleaning her house for her :) While we were there throughout the week, Jess and I did yard work, weeding, and edging-- for such a small area it sure takes FOREVER! But it was a good workout, and we got tan while doing it!! The boys came up on Friday night, and Saturday morning they started on the list my Dad had made, while us girls  worked inside...

 Bry Mowing the never ending lawn! 

Kayson and Meme stealing the four wheeler before anyone notices its gone... haha They were two peas in a pod.. Kayson loves his Meme! 

 Bry taking a break to have some fun... haha on a SCOOTER. 

 Colt was a weed wackin maniac! 

Hard at work! 

 Kayson enjoying some down time... 

 I have the most handsome, hard working hubby in the world! I know I say this in like every post- but I truly mean it! I am so blessed to have found him!! I am so grateful he is so willing to help out and do things that my Dad simply physically cannot do anymore- It means alot to me, and my parents!

Happy Mothers Day (a day late) to the two most amazing, beautiful women we know! Momma Tammi and Momma Janye!! We love you both so very much and are so grateful for everything you both do! Jayne we will be making up for not being able to be there to celebrate mothers day with you, when we see you guys next weekend!! Love you!!!