Sunday, February 7, 2016

October BABY

October was a exciting month around these parts! We kicked off the month in Alpine UT with Colt's family. Jayne and I threw his sister Corinne a baby shower. It was fun getting together with family- and as always Colt's mom went all out with the food- IT WAS DELICIOUS! Holy smokes. and LOTS to choose from! SO exciting for Corinne and James welcoming baby boy the very next month!! While us women were stuffing our faces and ooohing and ahhhing over all the adorable baby stuff the men were able to attend the Priesthood session since it was conference weekend. Perfect timing :)
Pure heaven... see those homemade oreos-- DELICIOUS...... I think I ate all the chocolate ones! :)

Welcome baby Beard!!!! 

The Cox girls :)

The handsome fellas after Priesthood

Sunday Morning Conference and Breakfast with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dave

Baby shower weekend was right after our IVF. SOO I believe we only had a couple days until we had our bloodwork to determine if we were pregnant. That was the LONGEST 10 days of our lives! Ha the day before our bloodwork Colton was leaving for work and was like "JEN DO NOT take a pregnancy test! We have been so strong we only have one more day....." Well me home- stewing and wondering I couldn't take the anticipation any longer so I took a at home test. HA poor Colt.... It was the day before our anniversary and I just wanted to get the sadness over with if it didn't work- WELL it was POSITIVE! WHOOT WHOOT! Our very first POSITIVE pregnancy test!!! I couldn't believe it.... I think Colton was secretly glad that I took it- haha I immediately called him and told him the result. We were both on Cloud 9! The next day I went in and my bloodwork confirmed the positive test. WE WERE PREGNANT!!!! Best. Day. EVER. Best ANNIVERSARY EVER! 

2 weeks after we received the good news we had to go down to our fertility clinic for a 6 week ultrasound. They really like to keep tabs on you- so you see them and your local OB until I was 12 weeks. I consider us soooo fortunate being able to see baby more than normal pregnant people. It never gets old seeing your baby on a ultrasound!!! 

Because we were just BARELY preggo you can hardly see our little dude.... SOO exciting...

Almost ;) everytime we had to drive down to the clinic we would stop at IN-N-OUT- our little tradtion... It was always a spirit booster if ya know what I mean... our favorite.. haha


Next up for October we had our 3rd Royal Princess Academy. It was fun- I was Snow White this time... haha very interesting... but oh so fun! I have had ALOT of people ask me what exactly it is.... and I had full intentions to do a full Blog post on it but honestly time got away from me! So here is a little about RPA.......

While I was a event coordinator here in Logan we had a few "Princess Parties" take place at our Venue. Since Jordan was also a employee of my boss at their sister store she would come help me at events... and eventually Jessica also began helping with events. So all of us were able to witness one or more of these parties. We would always say how fun it would be to do something like that- but it just seemed like alot of work. Well finally in the Fall of 2014 we decided to begin planning some sort of princess event. Because of all the kindness and charity shown towards our family over the years we wanted to do something that could not only be a small business- but also give back in some way. So we decided to donate a portion of all proceeds to Juvenile Diabetes Research. With this goal in mind we began planning. Soon we had a Logo, Buisness name AKA Royal Princess Academy, and a plan as to what exactly would happen at this event. We wanted to hold a "Princess Party/ School" To not only interact with the actual princesses- but to teach them etiquette, self worth, and to be themselves. We didn't want to just play- but have a goal in mind. Here is the description on our facebook page.. It explains it better ;) 

Bring your little princess to Royal Princess Academy where she will learn what it means to become a TRUE princess inside and out. The girls will learn that true princesses have Beauty, Elegance, and Grace, but also Intelligence, Generosity, and Confidence in who they are! They will learn about these characteristics by participating in a variety of activities such as, learning a brief dance complete with curtsy lessons (because every princess should know how to curtsy), reading stories, showing their artistic side, and channeling that inner magic that each and every princess holds. At the end of the session, when the clock chimes, each girl will be able to graduate from Royal Princess Academy and receive her very own crown!

So that is what the RPA is :) haha it was a fun Academy this time- we love seeing some of the same little girls.... It is such a blast doing something girly with my Mom and sisters! Not gonna lie we really are good at it- hahaha anyways here are some photos :) 

My little cut out buddy :) 

Anna and Belle our dresses are really pretty in don't do justice!

Cinderella dancing with some of the girls....

Cutest fairy God Mother ever!

Our Princess lineup with Miss Kyler

Love my Goosey!

Dracula Snow :)

I wish we had a better picture of our Elsa Dress... it is GORGEOUS! 

Baby showers, RPA, Doctors appointments/ Ultrasounds really kept us hopping in October so we really treasured our down days... I have to say Dacie is OBSESSED with Colton. haha She is ALWAYS laying on him, or by him- she just loves her daddy! 

Oh and she is the QUEEN of our bed... SPOILED.

I mean really? haha how pathetic is she!?!

By Halloween-- morning- or in my case- ALL DAY sickness had fully kicked in. I was SO SO SICK. It made for a pretty chill Halloween... I finally found enough energy to get ready and so Colt and I went into Logan for some frozen yogurt (one of the only things I COULD eat)  and a quick game of bowling and pool... It was so nice to get out of the house. Before we went on our mini date we stopped at the Westerberg Casa to see some pretty excited little kiddos getting ready for trick or treating. NORMALLY I go trick or treating with them- first year I didn't I believe! :( but they were sure cute! 
Cutest little cabbage patch doll, Unicorn, and Werewolf I ever did see :) 

Oddly enough we tied in our bowling game... WEIRD. HA 

When Colton and I were dating he had a pool table in the house he was living in... So pool became kind of a staple for most of our date nights... It had been such a long time since we had played and it was so fun! Reminiscing the good old dating days! My Hubby is HOT! 

Colt trying to make me smile while sabotaging the picture... Dork!

We also tied in Pool that night... Not sure how thats possible- but it happened.. haha It was a good date night out! Soaking in a good night/ month before the storm of November took over..... 

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