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November 2015

November 2015... oh how I soo do not miss you. This month was so hard. Its crazy how you can be so happy about one thing, but then snap! Back to reality you go- and you are faced with sadness, worry! We started the month out with a Ultrasound and got to see our little gummy bear.... Our little bright spot through all the turmoil of the coming months!

Love this little babe! here is a 9 week Ultrasound

One of the first weekends of the month Colton went bird hunting with his boss and a client.... I sure love my mountain man! ANNND While the husbands away... I go to my sisters! haha I got to hang out with my newest cute little nieces Lily and Khole. They are going to be two peas in a pod someday! 

Khlo's face cracks me up in this one..... hahaha and Lily is always SOO Smiley!!!

A couple weeks later we got to go to ANOTHER Ultrasound.... 11 weeks this time... It is truly amazing how different baby can look in two short weeks!! We are so in love! 

Our little miracle babe!

The same week my Dad invited me to come to Twin Falls to listen to him speak at CSI. He did it for YEARS.... and I had somehow never seen him do it! I was the only one in our family who hadn't gone with him- not sure how that worked out. Dad was incredible. He was always sooo good at public speaking- and touched so many lives. It was a privilege to hear his incredible story. I will treasure it forever....  

My Dad. 

Testing the powerpoint

The only picture I will ever have of my Dad with me and baby :(  he was soooo excited for this baby to come... if only we had a few more months with him! 

He is truly my hero. 

Unfortunately this trip to Twin took a toll on our Dad. That very weekend he was hospitalized and then Life Flighted to the University of Utah and put on a ventilator. His C02 levels were 129 a normal person is anywhere between 25-30. His kidneys were alarming the doctors- with not good levels as well. Just not good. But he was Michael Pollard so we thought for sure he would pull through like he always does... And he did- kind of. Unfortunately this all happened the weekend before Thanksgiving. So my Mom, sisters and I all spent the entire week of Thanksgiving down in Salt Lake in ICU at the University Hospital. Jess's Hubby Bryan invited Colt to join his family and the kiddos in Preston for Thanksgiving dinner.... I am SOO grateful for the Westerbergs and their generosity towards Colton on this big holiday. I felt so bad leaving him by himself that whole weekend... But I was where I needed to be- supporting my Mom and being by my Dad's side. My Mom's brother Rick and his wife Shauna made us a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.......We were so blessed. I am also so thankful for the Christensens for opening up their home to us for that week- despite their busy Thanksgiving plans and guests! Man we are so blessed- and had SO MANY tender mercies throughout our week stay in SLC. 

It broke our hearts seeing him like this.....

We are monitor watching pros..... 

Holding our Daddyo's hand..... 

Our Thanksgiving feast.... Unc. Ric was there he just wasn't in the picture... haha

After a week in the ICU we were able to take out the vent, and my Dad was transfered to the medical unit,. He remained there for 3-4 more days before they sent him home to Burley. He was significantly weaker- but we were all relieved to have him home. He was relieved to be home... but it obviously didn't last long.... and before we knew it- it was December! 

Before the vent came out

Breathing freely.... Strongest man I know!

He was so excited to move off the ICU! I Love this smile....

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